Westfall Wins Rain Shortened Fremont Feature

Matt Westfall BOSS Photo

By Aaron Fry
(Fremont,Oh. 8-13-22)-Despite threatening skies and an ominous forecast, Fremont Speedway officials bravely forged ahead with last night’s MPD Racing BOSS program. With the help of the race teams, track officials and series officials, nine heat races were completed in under an hour and the companion FAST 410 main event was completed in 7 minutes and 23 seconds. Officially, there were 4 divisions racing on the night, but the fourth race was everyone involved racing against time and the incoming weather.

Only 18 race teams chose BOSS at Fremont Speedway over the weather apps. The overcast skies kept the race surface in great shape and the wingless stars put on a great show, finally getting some ideal track conditions at “The Track That Action Built”.

ARP Fasteners qualifying groups were quick timed by Matt Westfall, Travis Hery and Isaac Chapple. The TCB first heat race was won by Saban Bibent while Brave Breed Rescue heat two was claimed by Dallas Hewitt. The third and final heat was sponsored by TheCushion.com and was won by Dustin Ingle.

The NGK Spark Plugs redraw put Bibent and Hewitt on the front row with Hery and Chapple in row 2. After a quick salute to the fans, the green flag flew on the field for a typical 25 lap main event. Hewitt grabbed the quick early lead with Travis Hery in tow. Bibent quickly got around Hery, then Hewitt bicycled on the curb in turn one working lap 4, opening the door for Saban Bibent to get to the lead.

The first of 4 cautions flew for Steve Little who spun off turn 2 contacting the foam soft walls, but able to continue. With Bibent still the leader, Hewitt and Westfall engaged in a torrid battle for the runner-up spot until Travis Hery broke a front spindle, sending him into the foam wall blocks in turn 4. On the restart, Westfall and Hewitt began to pressure Bibent on the point. Westfall passed for the lead on lap 12, but a third caution flag for Ricky Lewis spinning. Reverting to the last completed lap but Bibent back on the point.

On the restart, Westfall got inside Bibent for the lead off turn 2 to take the lead with Hewitt and Chapple following him. Over the next few laps, the race intensity began to rise as Chapple got to the runner-up spot, but a light ran also picked up intensity. Race officials were about to throw a caution for rain when Tayte Williamson spun off turn 2. With 16 laps completed, the race was declared official with scoring reverted back one lap. Following Westfall at the finish was Chapple, Hewitt, Dustin Ingle, Bibent, Carmen Perigo, Koby Barksdale, Tayte Williamson, Steve Irwin and Jesse Vermillion.

We’d like to reiterate the appreciation we have for all the race teams’ cooperation and the staff at Fremont Speedway for helping us push the program through. With a group effort, it was only one hour and 25 minutes to complete 9 heat races, the 30 lap FAST main event, and get to lap 16 of the BOSS main event. By getting past the halfway mark, it made for a completed race, allowing us to pay all the BOSS teams in full without a make-up finish at a later date (or next season). We also want to thank the fans who showed up despite questionable conditions to support BOSS and Fremont Speedway.

Next up for BOSS is a return to Wayne County Speedway next Saturday, August 20th! It’s been 6 years since the tour has visited the fast 3/8 mile, always well prepared, dirt oval. Make plans to join us or catch it live on TheCushion.com.


MPD Racing BOSS Sprint Cars
Fremont (OH) Speedway
Saturday, August 13, 2022

ARP Fasteners Qualifying
Group 1: 1. 33m-Matt Westfall 14.808 2. 6T-Trey Osborne 15.054 3. 73-Blake Vermillion 15.213 4. 98-Saban Bibent 15.228 5. 53-Steve Little 15.551 6. 9r-Logan Riehl 15.608

Group 2: 1. 21h-Travis Hery 14.857 2. 16K-Koby Barksdale 14.960 3. 18-Dallas Hewitt 15.102 4. 0-Steve Irwin 15.413 5. 21-Carmen Perigo 15.456 6. 75-Jerry Dahms 16.249

Group 3: 1. 52-Isaac Chapple 15.131 2. 20w-Tayte Williamson 15.150 3. 2di-Dustin Ingle 15.158 4. 41-Ricky Lewis 15.337 5. 5-Jesse Vermillion 16.001 6. 44x-Tom Davies 17.496

TCB Speed – Heat 1: 1. 98-Bibent[1] ; 2. 33m-Westfall[4] ; 3. 53-Little[5] ; 4. 73-B.Vermillion[2] ; 5. 6T-Osborne[3] ; 6. 9r-Riehl[6]

Brave Breed Rescue – Heat 2: 1. 18-Hewitt[2] ; 2. 21-Perigo[5] ; 3. 0-Irwin[1] ; 4. 16K-Barksdale[3] ; 5. 21H-Hery[4] ; 6. 75-Dahms[6]

TheCushion.com – Heat 3: 1. 2di-Ingle[2] ; 2. 41-Lewis[1] ; 3. 20w-Williamson[3] ; 4. 52-Chapple[4] ; 5. 5-J.Vermillion[5] ; 6. 44x-Davies[6]

MPD Racing BOSS A-Main: 1. 33m-Westfall[5] ; 2. 52-Chapple[4] ; 3. 18-Hewitt[2] ; 4. 2di-Ingle[6] ; 5. 98-Bibent[1] ; 6. 21-Perigo[7] ; 7. 16K-Barksdale[13] ; 8. 20w-Tayte Williamson[11] ; 9. 0-Steve Irwin[10] ; 10. 5-J.Vermillion[15] ; 11. 6T-Osborne[14] ; 12. 53-Little[9] ; 13. 73-B.Vermillion[12] ; 14. 41-Lewis[8] ; 15. 9r-Riehl[16] ; 16. 75-Dahms[17] ; 17. 21h-Hery[3] ; 18. 44x-Davies[18]

Accu-Force Dyno – Hard Charger: 16K-Barksdale
Cowen Truck Line – Steel Block: 9r-Riehl
Hoosier Tire – Free Tire: 33m-Westfall
J F Construction – Lucky Pill Draw: 18-Hewitt
All Pro Cylinder Heads – Perseverance: 21-Perigo
Elizabeth Gardner Photography – Hard Luck: 21h-Hery