Parker Price-Miller Takes Opener at Atomic

Parker Price Miller Mike Campbell photo

Chillicothe,Ohio (4-2-23) Parker Price-Miller won the opening day feature at Atomic Speedway over Cap Henry, Cole Macedo, Cole Duncan and Kory Crabtree.

410s – A Feature (Results): 1-Price-Miller.P 2-Henry.C 3-Macedo.C 4-Duncan.C 5-Crabtree.K 6-Brubaker.S 7-Hesson.J 8-Windom.C 9-Smith.D 10-Sabo.Z 11-Clark.J 12-Hickle.J 13-Kemenah.C 14-Jacobs.T 15-Peterson.R 16-Rayhall.S 17-Street.T 18-Bacon.B 19-Axsom.E 20-Moran.D 21-Reeser.N 22-Nuckles.B 23-Davis.J 24-Wimmer.B