Creed Kemenah Takes Limaland Finale

Creed Kemenah Mike Campbell Photo

From Gerald Keysor

LIMA, Ohio (August 4, 2023) – Limaland Motorsports Park swung open the gates for the final time in 2023 on Friday night as K&L Ready Mix presented the 2023 Awards Celebration, featuring invitational features for the Midwest Shooting Center DIRTcar UMP Modifieds, Lock Sixteen Thunderstocks, and NRA Sprint Invaders.

The NRA Sprint Invaders would be next with No. 31 Jac Nickles and No 15K Creed Kemenah leading the field to green. Nickles would take the early lead with Kemenah battling along side through the first 5 laps. Nickles and Kemenah traded the lead multiple times before Kemenah took the lead for good on lap 7. Nickles would close in briefly when the leader got into lapped traffic but would have to settle for second place, No. 1 Nate Dussel would rail the highside to come home third, with No 20i Kelsey Ivy fourth, and No. 13S Drew Siferd completing the top 5.

Completing the night and the 2023 season at Limaland was the 10 lap NRA Sprint Invader King of the Quarter Mile race. No. 15 Creed Kemenah and No. 1 Nate Dussel drew the front row starting spots, and Dussel quickly slammed the door on Kemenah to grab the lead and run away to the victory. No. X Mike Keegan would finish 2nd with No. 22H Randy Hannagan third, Kemenah fourth and No 11G Luke Griffith finishing fifith.

National Racing Alliance
King of the Quarter Mile
Limaland Motorsports Park
Lima, Ohio
Friday, August 4, 2023

King Of The Quarter Mile (10 Laps)
1. 1-Nate Dussel[2]
2. X-Mike Keegan[4]
3. 22H-Randy Hannagan[5]
4. 15K-Creed Kemenah[1]
5. 11G-Luke Griffith[3]
6. 17-Jared Horstman[6]

A-Main (25 Laps)
1. 15K-Creed Kemenah[2]
2. 31-Jac Nickles[1]
3. 1-Nate Dussel[7]
4. 20I-Kelsey Ivy[5]
5. 13S-Drew Siferd[4]
6. 37-Noah Dunlap[3]
7. 22H-Randy Hannagan[9]
8. X-Mike Keegan[13]
9. 89-Robbie Stillwaggon[20]
10. 51-Caleb Helms[6]
11. G5-Gunnar Setser[10]
12. 11G-Luke Griffith[17]
13. 47-Kyle Drum[18]
14. 66-Chase Dunham[14]
15. 11H-Caleb Harmon[16]
16. 97X-Rodney Hurst[12]
17. 0-Brayton Phillips[11]
18. 17-Jared Horstman[8]
19. 11-Ryan Stillwaggon[19]
20. 24-Kobe Allison[15]