Goodyer Capitalizes on Randall’s Misfortune for Victory at Murray Bridge

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BRIDGE EAST, SA (December 26, 2023) — Jock Goodyer won the sprint car feature during the opening round of Clay-Per-View Speedweek Monday at Murray Bridge Speedway. Goodyer inherited the lead after Chase Randall ended up being caught up in a crash while in the top position. From there Goodyer was . Lachlan McHugh, Luke Dillon, Marcus Dumesny, and Brock Hallett rounded out the top five.

Aaron Reutzel was the highest finishing American in the field with a sixth place finish.

Murry Bridge Speedway
Bridge East, South Australia
Monday, December 26, 2023

Winged 410 Sprint Cars

1. A1-Jock Goodyer
2. NQ7-Lachlan McHugh
3. S81-Luke Dillon
4. N47-Marcus Dumesny
5. Q5-Brock Hallett
6. USA87-Aaron Reutzel
7. N55-Jessie Attard
8. V60-Jordyn Charge
9. S16-Joel Heinrich
10. S27-Daniel Pestka
11. T7-Tim Hutchins
12. S10-Steven Caruso
13. S20-Glen Sutherland
14. S52-Matt Egel
15. USA9-Chase Randall
16. S38-Lachlan McDonough
17. S3-Ben Morris
18. S78-Keke Falland
19. N48-Jackson Delamont
20. S98-Chad Ely