Williamson Holds off Sweet for Feature Victory at Perth

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KWINANA BEACH, WA (January 2, 2024) — After a pair of podium finishes Callum Williamson found the top step on the podium Monday night during WA vs USA Speedweek at Perth Motorplex picking up the feature victory. The win was emotional for Williamson who had to sit on the sidelines for two months due to illness.

Cory Eliason and Williamson made up the front row for the 30-lap feature event. The initial start was interrupted when Jason Kendrick spun between turns one and two. Williamson then led Eliason and Sweet at the start, building up a 2.479 second lead by the second lap of the main event.

Behind Williamson, Sweet disposed of Eliason for second on lap two and set out after Williamson. Slower traffic started to become a factor when the caution flag came out with five laps compete when Brad Maiolo ended up backwards in turns one and two.

Williamson built up a 1.418 second lead over Sweet after the restart. Slower traffic came into play again on lap nine, and five laps later Williamson found Sweet right on his back bumper. Williamson masterfully put a slower car between himself and Sweet, while Sweet made contact with a lapped car causing some front wing damage to his car.

Sweet was able to close back in on Williamson on lap 20 in slower traffic, but Williamson was again able to put a slower car between himself and Sweet for some breathing room.

On lap 25 Sweet found an opportunity and was able to drive under Williamson, who was boxed in a group of slower cars, to take the lead. Just as Sweet went in front the red flag came out for Luke Oldfield getting upside down between turns three and four.

After the restart Williamson was able to pull away to a comfortable advantage to pick up the feature victory. Sweet, Dayn Kingshott, Brock Zearfoss, and Rico Abreu rounded out the top five.

Kaiden Manders dominated the midget car feature building up a 9.455 second advantage at the finish to top Alex Bright and Kenan Fleming.

Brendon Wedge was able to drive around Matt Iwanow on the final lap to win the Wingless V6 Sprint Car feature.

USA vs WA Speedweek
Maddington Toyota Sprintcar Series
Perth Motorplex
Perth, Western Australia
Saturday, January 2, 2024

1. 3-Callum Williamson
2. U49-Brad Sweet
3. 2-Dayne Kingshott
4. U95-Brock Zearfoss
5. U24-Rico Abreu
6. U17-Cory Eliason
7. 44-Ryan Lancaster
8. 60-Kaiden Manders
9. 79-Kris Coyle
10. 77-Bradley Maiolo
11. 97-Mitchell Wormall
12. 25-Taylor Milling
13. 99-Jamie Maiolo
14. 26-James Inglis
15. 18-Kye Scroop
16. 14-Jason Pryde
17. 27wx-Brock Kenny
18. V27-Brenton Farrer
19. Q65-Luke Oldfield
20. 8-Andrew Priolo
21. 19-Trent Pigdon
22. 24-Jack Williamson
23. 67-Jaydee Dack
24. 11-Jason Kendrick

Midget Cars

1. 71w-Kaiden Manders
2. USA4-Alex Bright
3. 26-Keenan Fleming
4. 3-Nicholas Rowe
5. 76-Patrick Watson
6. 16-Alfonso Guadagnino
7. 75-Joel Watson
8. 89-Cory Smith
9. 15-Rob Golding
10. 8-Jake Robinson
11. 21-Brodie Minchin
12. 32-Stuart Yates
13. 30-Aron Sharp
14. 97-Gary Mann
15. 7-Tom Payet
16. 44-Tyson Bryden
17. 23-Glen Mears
18. 9-Lee Austen
19. 11-Bart Curnow
20. V19-Steven Henderson

Wingless V6 Sprint Cars

1. 56-Brendon Wedge
2. W1-Matt Iwanow
3. 24-Brandon Sharpe
4. 6-Travis Armstrong
5. 84-Daran Humfrey
6. 45-Heydon Hicks
7. 82-Shane Thomas
8. 46-Travis Clark
9. 34-Robert Clark
10. 76-Blake Scarey
11. 98-Mitchell Campbell
12. 95-Gareth Smith
13. 20-Craig Watts
14. 97-Brad Wells
15. 16-Connor Mckee
16. 15-Justin Wragg
17. 21-Gavin Preen
18. 75-Geoff Underdown
19. 25-Blake Woolf
20. NT9-Jarrod Goldoni
21. 69-Riley Ogilvie
22. 2-Blake Iwanow
23. 42-Kodi Clayden
24. 43-Chris Clark