Kyle Pierce Evan Canfield Photo

By Marty Czekala
The A-Verdi Storage Containers CRSA Sprints, powered by SuperGen Products, will host their first race of June Friday at Penn Can Speedway in round three of the Joe’s Garage Southern Tier Series.

It is the 34th time the track in Susquehanna, PA, has hosted “The Future Stars of Sprint Cars.” Last year, Penn Can hosted a pair of CRSA races, won by first-time winner Tim Iulg and Kyle Pierce.

Here’s a look at the top stories entering the weekend.

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Last Race: A return to the Afton Fairgrounds Speedway May 31 for CRSA to continue the Joe’s Garage Southern Tier Series. With nine to go, Kyle Pierce took advantage of Jeff Trombley’s blown motor to take the lead and not back for his first win of the season, the fifth of his career.

This was a race in which the one who got away came back to him. Last time at Afton, Pierce was leading when he ran out of fuel in the final laps, giving the win to Dalton Herrick.

“Anytime we can win, or even in the top 10, that’s a great day for us,” said Pierce post-race. “To finally get a win is a great way to start the summer months.”

Mike Kiser finished second, while Dalton Herrick was third.

We know Drama: In the last three races of action, exciting moments have unfolded amongst the leaders in the second half of the race. Matt Rotz had to hold off a hard-charging Bobby Parrow in the final laps for his first career sprint car win at Land of Legends. Back at Weedsport, Bobby Parrow broke a rear end to give Jordan Hutton the win. Now, Friday at Afton, it was Trombley’s engine giving away to give Kyle Pierce his first win.

Bad Luck June: CRSA has yet to complete a single race in the sixth month of the 2024 calendar. Both events scheduled June 1 at Fonda Speedway and June 7 at Utica-Rome Speedway were postponed, leaving only two races on the calendar for June. This is the second straight year “The Future Stars of Sprint Cars” would host up to two races, with Fonda and Penn Can hosting events last year.

A Contested Battle: After two rounds of the Joe’s Garage Southern Tier Series, the top four are separated by six points early. Billy VanInwegen and Dalton Herrick are the top two in points, with Herrick four points behind. Thunder Mountain winner Jordan Hutton is five behind, while Afton winner Kyle Pierce is six back.

The Favorites: Dalton Herrick leads all active drivers in Penn Can top fives with eight, including a win in 2022. Kyle Pierce is tied for wins in Susquehanna since 2014 with two alongside Josh Flint and Eddie Strada. He also has four top fives alongside Jeff Trombley, Billy VanInwegen and Jordan Hutton. The former two have won here in the past. Of course, sometimes a driver may surprise you, just as Iulg did last year.

By the Numbers: At Penn Can, the average car count since 2014 is over 19. 72 drivers have finished in the top five all-time and 25 drivers have recorded a checkered flag. Jeff VanSteenburg and Joe Kata lead the way in wins with three.

From the Frontman: “It’s our first trip of the year down South and we always enjoy heading to Penn Can. Keith Beach and his team do a great job preparing and promoting the track. It’s always a regular on the CRSA calendar and we look forward to putting on a great show Friday night!” ~ Mike Emhof

From the Track Promoter: “The team here is excited to have the CRSA Sprints back for their first of two showings of the 2024 season. Mike and his team always bring a great show and we know our fans love it.” ~ Keith Beach

Up Next: CRSA kicks off the Dandy Triple Play next Friday at Outlaw Speedway in Dundee.


1. 66 Jordan Hutton 624 pts

2. 22 Tomy Moreau -16

3. 9K Kyle Pierce -25

4. 29 Dalton Herrick -26

5. 3A Jeff Trombley -31

6. 21B Blake Warner -40

7. 28 Ron Greek -40

8. 410 Jerry Sehn Jr. -58

9. J27 John Cunningham -85

10. 99 Adam Depuy -139

Joe’s Garage Southern Tier Series Standings

1. 56v Billy VanInwegen 331 pts

2. 29 Dalton Herrick -4

3. 66 Jordan Hutton -5

4. 9K Kyle Pierce -6

5. 21B Blake Warner -21

6. 28 Ron Greek -25

7. 410 Jerry Sehn Jr. -28

8. 22 Tomy Moreau -30

9. 18 Timmy Lotz -36

10. 1NY Mark Reynolds -49

Previous Winners @ Penn Can

1. Jeff VanSteenburg (3) 2008, 2010, 2013

2. Joe Kata (3) 2013×2, 2014

3. Chuck Alessi (2) 2007, 2008

4. Eddie Strada (2) 2015, 2016

5. Josh Flint (2) 2016, 2020

6. Kyle Pierce (2) 2021, 2023

7. Billy Jaycox Jr. (1) 2007

8. Jim McCaffrey (1) 2007

9. Brian Davis (1) 2008

10. Matt Tanner (1) 2008

11. Tyler Rice (1) 2011

12. Tommy Martocci (1) 2011

13. Mike Kiser (1) 2012

14. Brittany Tresch (1) 2012

15. Brian Carber (1) 2012

16. Jeremy Quick (1) 2014

17. Scott Goodrich (1) 2015

18. Brian Krummel (1) 2016

19. Thomas Radivoy (1) 2017

20. Darryl Ruggles (1) 2020

21. Jeff Trombley (1) 2021

22. Kevin Nagy (1) 2021

23. Dalton Herrick (1) 2022

24. Billy VanInwegen (1) 2022

25. Tim Iulg (1) 2023