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Dietrich Wins Wild Feature at Bridgeport

From Nick Graziano BRIDGEPORT, N.J. (May 21, 2019) – Sweat masked Danny Dietrich’s face. His breathing adjusted to the need for an extra pocket of air. His boisterous posture tired, but a smile stayed. The […]

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Jeff Geiges Wins MASS Feature at Bridgeport

Mid-Atlantic Sprint Car Series Bridgeport Speedway Bridgeport, N.J. Saturday May 11, 2019 Feature: 1. 77j-Jeff Geiges 2. 202-Mark Bitner 3. 2-Andy Best 4. 1-Tom Carberry 5. 61-Jon Haegle 6. 9s-Rick Stief 7. 18-Tim Tanner, Jr […]

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Stillwaggon Wins Big Track Classic

United Racing Club Bridgeport Speedway Bridgeport, N.J. Sunday November 4, 2018 Feature: 1. 89 – Robbie Stillwaggon, 2. 35 – Chad Layton, 3. 5W – Lucas Wolfe, 4. 10X – Ryan Smith, 5. 5G – […]

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Big Track Classic Rescheduled for Sunday

The second day of the Big Track Classic featuring the United Racing Club sprint cars was rained out. The race is rescheduled for Sunday November 4th with pit gates opening at noon, grandstands opening at 2:00 P.M, and racing at 4:00 P.M. […]

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Thomas Wins Eastern Storm Feature at Bridgeport

From Richie Murray BRIDGEPORT, N.J. (June 18, 2018) — Hemmings, Cannon, Vogler, Butler, Stanley, Faas, Irwin, Michner, Darland, Tyler, Hines, Stanbrough, Coons, Clayton, Larson, Hagen, Bacon, Boespflug. There’s a whole host of names who’ve been […]

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Pellegrini Family Adds Bonuses to Top Five Finishers for Mid-Atlantic Season Opener

In honor of the passing of their family patriarch, the family of Craig Pellegrini Jr., who is the driver of the number 27 Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series Racesaver 305 Sprint Car, have graciously chosen to sponsor the top five finishers of the Season Opener at Bridgeport Speedway on April 30th in memory of Albert A Pellegrini, Craig’s car owner, grandfather and mentor, who passed away earlier this year. […]

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Nagy wins TSRS feature at Bridgeport

Kevin Nagy won the Tri-State RaceSaver series feature Saturday night at Bridgeport Speedway. Nagy vaulted to the lead with two laps to go in the main event and motored to victory. Mike Haggenbottom, Steph Palmai, Eddie Wagner, and Bryant Davis rounded out the top five. […]