Laurel Highlands Sprints

Dylan Shatzer Wins 305 Feature at Hagerstown

Laurel Highlands Sprint Car Series / Virginia Sprint Series Hagerstown Speedway Hagerstown, MD Saturday June 20, 2020 Feature: 1. 75-Dylan Shatzer[4] 2. J9-Jerald Harris[3] 3. 33-Scott Lutz[2] 4. 31-Donny Hendershot[6] 5. 6X-Brad Mellott[8] 6. 44V-Daren […]

Clinton County Raceway Logo 2013
Clinton County Motor Speedway

Ken Duke Wins at Clinton County

Laurel Highlands Sprint Car Series Clinton County Motor Speedway Mill Hall, PA Friday May 31, 2019 Feature: 1. Ken Duke, 2. Scott Lutz, 3. Dylan Proctor, 4. Jacob Gamola, 5. Dale Schweikart, 6. Jeff Weaver, […]

America's Motorsports Park

Engel Wins at Clearfield

Ralph Engel, Jr. won the Laurel Highlands Sprint Car Series feature Saturday night at America’s Motorsports Park. […]

Bedford Speedway
Bedford Speedway

Rain Sweeps Bedford Doubleheader

Mother Nature was the winner on both Friday night and Saturday night this week as rain washed out both nights of racing action at the Bedford Speedway […]