Blank, Clancy, and Register Winners at Double X

From Chad Buford
California, MO(July 31, 2011)- It was a night for the point leaders to shine at Double X Speedway on Sunday night .
Tyler Blank won his second feature of the season in the Mr. G’s sprint cars as he led wire to wire to increase his point lead. T. J. Muths finished a career high second in his family- owned sprinter as he was followed by Lanny Carpenter and Evan Martin. Adam Jones rounded out the top five.
John Clancy of California picked up his seventh feature win of the season in the Cooper Racing street stocks. Following Clancy were Ray Smith of Centertown and Tim Cressley of Tipton. Rounding out the top five were Curtis Turpin of Jefferson City and Harlan Dowell of Tipton.
Sedalia’s Will Register picked up his fifth win of the season in the Robbie D’s hobby stocks. Register was followed by Seth Jacobs of Centertown and the California trio of Bridget Clifford, Rudy Wirts, and A.J. Wirts.
Weekly racing will continue next Sunday August 7th as the regular three classes will be joined by the 600 micro midgets. Admission is $8 with pit passes costing $20. Gates open at 5:00 with hot laps at 7:00 and racing at 7:30. Please go to for the latest information.

Double X Speedway 360 results for July 31st-
1st Heat- 1. 75 Tyler Blank, California, MO(2) 2. 775 Andy Korte, California, MO(1) 3. 31 Matt McGarry, Alma, MO(3) 4. 48 Frank Brown, Marshall, MO(6) 5. XX A.J. Wirts, California, MO(6) 6. 12C Faron Crank, Sedalia, MO(4)
2nd Heat- 1. 38 Cody Baker, Lone Jack, MO(4) 2. 93 Taylor Walton, Warrensburg, MO(1) 3. 7 Gary Taylor, Houma, LA(6) 4. 53 Tony Crank, Sedalia, MO(3) 5. 55 Greg Clemons, Belton, MO(2) 6. 49 Tyler Elliott(DNS)
3rd Heat- 1. 1A Adam Jones, Wright City, MO(4) 2. 65 T.J. Muths, Sedalia, MO(3) 3. 24 Lanny Carpenter, Clarksburg, MO(2) 4. 4 Evan Martin, Lohman, MO(1) 5. 3V Tyler Utz, Sedalia, MO(5)
A Main- 1. 75 Blank(1) 2. 65 Muths(6) 3. 24 Carpenter(9) 4. 4 Martin(12) 5. 1A Jones(3) 6. 53 T. Crank(11) 7. 3V Utz(14) 8. 12C F. Crank(15) 9. 48 Brown(10) 10. 31 McGarry(7)-DNF 11. 93 Walton(7)-DNF 12. 775 Korte(4)-DNF 13. 38 Baker(2)-DNF 14. XX Wirts(13)-DNF 15. 7 Taylor(8)-DNF 16. 55 Clemons(16)-DNF DNS: 49 Elliott