Radcliffe and Cranston Win at Norton

URSS United Rebel Sprint Series Top Story

Norton, KS — (April 13, 2013) — Jeff Radcliffe and Luke Cranston won United Rebel Sprint Car Series features Saturday night at Elmwood Park Speedway.  Radcliffe won the regularly scheduled feature while Cranston won the makeup feature from March 30th.

Elmwood Park Speedway 4/13/2013 Results
1-Jeff Radcliffe
2-Koby Walters
3-Jake Bubak
4-Zach Blurton
5-Luke Cranston
6-Ty Williams
7-Darren Berry
8-Tommy Williams
9-Tom Belsky
10-Greg Reiners
11-Mike Madden
12-Aaron Ploussard
13-Tom Huber

Heat Race Winners
#1-Luke Cranston
#2Ty Williams


Elmwood Park Speedway 3/30/2013 Make-up Feature
1-Luke Cranston
2-Ty Williams
3-Tommy Williams
4-Jake Bubak
5-Zach Blirton
6-Koby Walters
7-Darren Berry
8-Jeff Radcliffe
9-Tom Belsky
10-Mike Madden
11-Greg Reiners
12-Aaron Ploussard
13-Tom Huber
14-Howard VanDyke(DNF)
15-Zac Taylor (DNF)
16-Ron Hadley (DNS)