McClelland Wins OCRS Feature at West Siloam

Brian McClelland and car owner Kelly Fode enjoy the sweet taste of success - Mike Spivey Photo
Brian McClelland and car owner Kelly Fode enjoy the sweet taste of success - Mike Spivey Photo
Brian McClelland and car owner Kelly Fode enjoy the sweet taste of success – Mike Spivey Photo

From John Lemon


Colcord OK — (June 8, 2013) — Flyin’ Brian McClelland came out on top in a hard fought 25-lap Oil Capital Racing Series non-wing sprint car affair tonight at the West Siloam Speedway. It was the first OCRS A-Feature win for McClelland this season. In a night of attrition, McClelland managed to keep the wheels underneath his Precision Coatings LLC / Fode Trucking / Computech Computer Repair/ Warrior Machine / XXX mount on the ground as accidents reigned prevalent throughout the night however, there were no injuries to report. It was the first return to West Siloam Speedway by OCRS since the summer of 2010.


“That was some close action,” exclaimed McClelland. “I’d get my nose in there and sometimes they would come down on me but it was just hard racing. You had to fight for the low end of the track since that was the place to be. The goal is to win the championship and when Harli (White) had trouble at Caney Valley (Speedway), that kind of got us closer (to the point lead).”


Waylon Weaver and Michael “Bigfoot” Bookout would lead the field to green with Weaver getting the jump and leading the first lap. As the field swept through turns one and two, Johnny ‘Hotrod’ Kent found a hole and powered his way into the second position from his third row starting spot with second row starter and most recent feature winner Chance Morton and Joe Wood Jr. following suit.


Alex DeCamp would execute a 360-degree spin in turn four, which would cause several cars to check-up. Four time OCRS champion Jamie Passmore of nearby Rose Oklahoma, was a victim as he was hit from behind by Harli White, as he had to check up hard. He stopped on the front straight with a flat left rear tire bringing out the first caution of the race. Passmore would not be able to return.


Working lap four, Kent got into the rear of Weaver in turn four and executed a 360-degree spin of his own and kept going. DeCamp made contact with another car and stopped in turn one while Chance Morton would stop just off the track in turn four. This made for the second caution of the race.  The next restart would see Weaver lead with Kent, Wood Jr, Alex Sewell, McClelland, Danny Smith and White in tow.


Wood Jr would work his “Hog Wagon” special past Kent in turn two on the restart and begin a charge after race leader Weaver.  As the leaders hit the first turn the next time around, Wood Jr would squeak past Weaver only to have Weaver take the lead back as they shot out of turn two and head down the back stretch. Wood Jr shot his way right back by on the backstretch as they headed for the north turns. Kent then had contact with another car and he would have to pull off with problems.


Coming to complete the eighth lap, Sewell got high in turn four and McClelland got by to take the third position. On the ninth lap, the next yellow would fly as Jamie McDonald would spin to a stop in turn four. Before lap eleven could be placed in the record books, McClelland looked to squeeze his way past Weaver for second in turn one on the low side. The two made contact and the end result found Weaver stalled with McClelland motoring onward.


Within moments of the restart, White overtook Smith for the fourth spot with a low line pass in turn four. McClelland would power his way into turn one for an attempt to take the lead from Wood Jr. The two cars would make contact but no harm, no foul. Wood Jr would pop a wheelie in turn four after clipping an infield tire coming to complete the 16th lap. McClelland then charged after Wood Jr and got under him in turn one. Not only did McClelland take the lead, Sewell would grab second with a pass of Wood Jr as well.


A couple of laps later, White, in her Jerry Tucker Roustabout / Terraco Soil Farming / Crash Enterprises / All Star Café / Charlie’s Trucking / Boyd Engines / Maxim, would find an opportunity to take a position from Wood Jr and as she typically does, she seized it. DeCamp would re-enter the picture after his earlier miscue and pass Smith for the fifth spot. Weaver would spin one more time on lap 22 thus making a 3-lap dash to the finish. Before a those three laps could get in the books, Smith and Kade Morton would have a meeting in turn four. Smith would get a tow to the pits while Morton would go tail back.


McClelland would run a clean couple of laps to take the victory with Sewell second in his Action Auto Collision / AME Electrical / Factor 1 Racing / Sewell Mechanical / Forehand Engines / ART chassis. White got third with Wood Jr and DeCamp rounding out the top five. Positions 6-10 went to: Rafe Essary (up from 14th), Kyle Clark (up from 16th), Layne Himebaugh, who became the night’s AmeriFlex Hose and Accessories Hard Charger (up from 19th), Joshua Tyre and Wesmar Power Parts B-Feature winner, Kade Morton.


David Stephenson started the night off in spectacular fashion when he went up and over the turn one wall in hot laps and rolled down a small embankment. While the car was worse for wear and would not see racing action, Stephenson was unharmed.


With her podium finish, White continues to lead not only the overall points chase for the series championship, but also the “Non-Wing” point standings which will pay $1,000 to the driver that tallies the most points in non-wing competition in 2013.


The OCRS warriors now get set for a double header weekend as they make their second ever appearance at the Monett Speedway on Friday night in Monett Missouri and then it’s on to the 3/8 mile Tri-State Speedway in Pocola Oklahoma on Saturday night.



OCRS Race Results

Date of Race: Sunday, June 09, 2013


AmeriFlex Hose and Accessories Heat

1, 4J-Jamie Passmore[1]. 2, 87F-Brian McClelland[7]. 3, 84-Alex DeCamp[6]. 4, 8M-Kade Morton[5]. 5, 4-Robert Sellers[2]. 6, 23-David Dutton[3]. 7, 96-Cody Brewer[4].

Bob Hurley Auto Family Heat

1, 55-Johnny Kent[2]. 2, 007-Michael Bookout[1]. 3, 94L Layne Himebaugh[3]. 4, W94-Waylon Weaver[6]. 5, 7F-Joshua Tyre[7]. 6, 78-Perry Pickard[4]. 7, 13-Len Larkin[5].

Drive Shafts Inc. Heat

1, 8-Alex Sewell[1]. 2, 17W-Harli White[3]. 3, 9$-Kyle Clark[2]. 4, 7m-Chance Morton[6]. 5, 11-Michael Tyre[4]. 6, 24-Kevin Risley[5]. 7, 22-David Stephenson[80]. (DNS).

Car and Fleet Parts Heat

1, 71-Joe Wood Jr.[2]. 2, 4x-Shane Sellers[1]. 3, 5$-Danny Smith[5]. 4, 31-Casey Wills[4]. 5, 26-Rafe Essary[3]. 6, 3-Jamie McDonald[6].

Wesmar Racing Engines B Feature
1, 8M-Kade Morton[2]. 2, 26-Rafe Essary[8]. 3, 7F-Joshua Tyre[4]. 4, 9$-Kyle Clark[2]. 5, 3-Jamie McDonald[12]. 6, 23-David Dutton[9]. 7, 11-Michael Tyre[7]. 8, 94L-Layne Himebaugh[1]. 9, 13-Len Larkin[13]. 10, 31-Casey Wills[5]. 11, 4-Robert Sellers[6]. 12, 24-Kevin Risley[11]. 13, 78-Perry Pickard[10]. 14, 96-Cody Brewer (DNS). 15, 22-David Stephenson (DNS)


OCRS A Feature
1, 87F-Brian McClelland[8]. 2, 8-Alex Sewell[6]. 3, 17W-Harli White[10]. 4, 71-Joe Wood Jr.[7]. 5, 84-Alex DeCamp[413]. 6, 26-Rafe Essary[13]. 7, 9$-Kyle Clark[15]. 8, 94L-Layne Himebaugh[19]. 9, 7F-Joshua Tyre[14]. 10, 8M-Kade Morton[12]. 11, 3-Jamie McDonald[16]. 12, 23-David Dutton[17]. 13, 007-Michael Bookout[2]. 14, 5$-Danny Smith[9]. 15, W94-Waylon Weaver[1]. 16, 11-Michael Tyre[18]. 17, 7m-Chance Morton[3]. 18, 55-Johnny Kent[5]. 19, 4J-Jamie Passmore[11]. 20, 4x-Shane Sellers[20].

AmeriFlex Hose and Accessories Hard Charger: Layne Himebaugh +11

Dyno Services of Oklahoma Hard Luck Award: Casey Wills.