Reed grabs the cash – Ely take the Series


From All Star Media

Mildura, AU — (March 1, 2014) — ACT49 Matt Reed returned for the States on Friday, sat on another flight to Mildura on Saturday then sat in his new mount supplied by Ken Hutchins owned Modern Stainless Steel ART. Reed looked comfortable in his new seat from the start taking out the Oval Express Magazine Quick Time Award. The Bar Up $8K was also on offer for the qualifying teams and Reed grabbed the $5K bonus for being the first across the line.

Ely & Bishop lined up in 1 & 2 for the A Main with Reed & Moule off the second row. Everyone in the house new they were in for some excitement. Ely looked strong leading the main for 2/3rd race distance. The yellow light was bought on by V85 and the field had to line up again for the start. This was Reed’s opportunity to pass Ely and he grabbed the lead in Turn 2 and held off to the chequer. V4 Phil Lock was back on the podium running 3rd. Locky loves the Mildura track and always has good results at the venue.

With the Setts Bar & Grill Function Centre Big Screen sitting up in Turn 3 capturing all the highlights adding another level of entertainment to the night. The feature race certainly providing plenty of “highlights” to be captured! Full report to follow.

Heat Wins: NT30 Mark King, V83 Chris Solomon, V4 Phil Lock, SA22 Chad Ely

A Main – ACT49 Matt Reed, SA22 Chad Ely, V4 Phil Lock, SA96 Darryl Guerin, SA44 Daniel
Evans, V34 Brenten Farrer, SA77 Chris Evans, V7 Paul Solomon DNF, V83 Chris Solomon, V66 Wayne Logue DNF, V85 Colin Lincoln DNF, ACT26 Tony Moule DNF, V23 Jimmy Gardiner DNF, SA66 Clinton Oliver DNF, V8 Corey Lincoln DNF, SA18 Jed Bell DNF,ACT15 Harley Bishop DNF, NT30 Mark King DNF, V99 Zac Farrer DNF
Contingency Awards:
Red Ed Sheds Lucky 7’s – Chris Evans
Bar Up 8 – Paul Solomon
Hoosier Hero – Matt Reed
Oval Express Magazine Quick Time – Matt Reed
Fire Service Plus Hot Arse – Zac Farrer
IDIGIT Luck Draw – Sam Putland
QT Hard Charger – TBA
Ronnies 50 – Chris Evans
Johnny V Award – No B Main run