ESS Kicks off Highbank Holdup Weekend at Fulton this Friday

2015 ESS Empire Super Sprints Top Story



2015 ESS Empire Super Sprints Top Story

By Dean Reynolds

SYRACUSE, NY – The 33rd Anniversary season for the Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints (ESS) had to wait one week to get the point season started.  With last week’s postponed event at Outlaw Speedway, the stars and cars will now converge to the Fulton Speedway to get the 2016 tour underway.


It what is now turned into a special two-day event, the Highbank Holdup Weekend will get it’s start this Friday night when the ESS joins the DIRTcar Sportsman Championship Series for a big night.  The 25 lap A-Main will pay the winner $2,000 and will award points for the overall Lucas Oil Championship, the NAPA Auto Parts US Tour and the SUNY Canton Series.


Quebec’s Steve Poirier will head in what looks to be a large field of sprinters to the track where ESS got it’s start back in 1983. Jason Barney, Paul Kinney, Matt Tanner, Tommy Wickham, Paulie Colagiovanni, Shawn Donath, Dave Axton, Mike Stelter, Parker Evans, Chad Miller and Sammy Reakes IV will also be in the field.


However, the list doesn’t stop there, Bryan Howland, George Suprick, Larry Wight, Denny Peebles, Pete Richardson, Tim Axton, Yan Bilodeau, Larry Kelleher, Dan Douville, Keith Granholm, Steve Hutchinson, Jonathan Preston, Derrick Juliano, Scott Holcomb and others look to be on hand.


The Beard Sewer and Drain Timed Hot Laps starts off the night followed by the Car Mate Trailer Heats, Pitre Painting is sponsoring the Cobra Coaches Dash, the Lacaillade Masonry B-Main will fill the final qualifiers before the $2,000 to win finale’.


A new tradition, Highbank Holdup Weekend, the Lucas Oil ESS winged warriors at the Fulton Speedway this Friday…it will be excitement guaranteed!


Past Empire Super Sprint Winners at Fulton Speedway.


Aug. 13, 1983 Bob Featherly
Aug. 20, 1983 Don Buchanan
Sept. 3, 1983 Don Buchanan
Sept. 10, 1983 Gordy Button
Sept. 17, 1983 Gordy Button
Sept. 24, 1983 Gordy Button
Oct. 1, 1983 Alan Lane
Oct. 15, 1983 Craig Keel
Apr. 14, 1984 Gordy Button
April 21, 1984 Alan Lane
May 5, 1984 Jon King
May 12, 1984 Gordy Button
May 26, 1984 John Brutcher
June 2, 1984 Gordy Button
June 9, 1984 Craig Keel
June 16, 1984 Gordy Button
June 30, 1984 Gordy Button
July 7, 1984 Gordy Button
July 14, 1984 Gordy Button
July 28, 1984 Jeff Taylor
Aug. 4, 1984 Craig Keel
Aug. 18, 1984 Craig Keel
Aug. 25, 1984 Craig Keel
Sept. 1, 1984 Brett Barnett
Sept. 8, 1984 Jeff Taylor
Sept. 22, 1984 Jeff Taylor
Sept. 29, 1984 Alan Lane
Apr. 20, 1985 John Brutcher
May 30, 1987 Gordy Button
June 27, 1987 Tom Bliss
July 11, 1987 Mal Lane
Aug. 8, 1987 Mal Lane
Sept. 20, 1987 Lonny Riehlman
Apr. 30, 1988 Mike VanDusen
May 28, 1988 Bob Podolak
July 9, 1988 Bob Podolak
Aug. 13, 1988 Mike VanDusen
Sept. 6, 1988 Gordy Button
Sept. 17, 1988 John Brutcher
Sept. 24, 1988 Mike VanDusen
Apr. 22, 1989 Mal Lane
May 13, 1989 Mal Lane
June 3, 1989 John Birosh
June 24, 1989 Bob Podolak
July 15, 1989 Mal Lane
Sept. 30, 1989 Mal Lane
June 2, 1990 Mal Lane
Aug. 11, 1990 Mal Lane
May 30, 1992 Mal Lane
Sept. 4, 1993 Mike Woodring
June 4, 1994 Craig Keel
Sept. 3, 1994 Mike Woodring
June 3, 1995 Craig Keel
Sept. 9, 1995 Craig Keel
Sept. 16, 1995 Craig Keel
June 1, 1996 Mike Woodring
July 27, 1996 Mark Bragman
Oct. 4, 1996 Mike Woodring
Aug. 15, 2000 Dan Kaszubinski
May 23, 2001 R.C. Faigle
July 27, 2002 Rick Wilson
May 6, 2006 Bryan Howland
July 16, 2011 Steve Poirier
July 6, 2013 Bryan Howland
July 5, 2014 Jason Barney
July 4, 2015 Steve Poirier






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