Goetz Storms to Second Skagit Speedway Win

From Kaleb Hart

ALGER, Wa. (April 27, 2019) — Dominant is the only way to describe the start of the year for Chase Goetz as the Snohomish, WA driver has led every lap of main event action in the Cook Road Shell Sportsman Sprints in 2019. On Saturday night, Goetz would again visit victory lane after leading every lap of the feature. He was joined by fellow division winners Adam Holtrop, Chance Crum and Kyle Hanson.

SImilar to the week prior, Goetz was shot out of a cannon on the initial start, setting a torrid pace and putting massive distance between himself and the field. Goetz would lead all 25 laps for the second straight week in putting the Roger Oudman owned car in victory lane. Good racing occured for second on back, with Jake Helsel coming from seventh to take the runner up spot and Eric Turner rallying forward for third. Goetz set quick time. Helsel and Sean Johnson won the heat races.

The first appearance of the year for the Wicked Energy Gum Focus Midgets saw Chance Crum pilot the Bob & Lori Scott car to a wire to wire win in the 25 lap feature. Crum was dogged all race long by Tristin Thomas who was never more than three car lengths back from Chance, but could never find space to make a move as Crum expertly hit his marks every lap. Nick Evans won a spirited battle for third. Heat winners were Garrett Thomas, Tristin Thomas, Crum and AJ Fugitt.

Adam Holtrop fulfilled a childhood dream by winning the A Feature in the Skagit Aggregates Modifieds. After spending his youth watching his Dad and Mom racing late models at the track, Holtrop debuted in an Outlaw Hornet 10 years ago and after a couple year hiatus to North Carolina, returned to Skagit Speedway a couple years back looking to grab his first career win. That happened via some grit, determination and a little luck on Saturday. Holtrop would trade the early lead with Kevin Smith a number of times before Smith secured the top spot on lap seven and looked to build an advantage too large to conquer. A lap 20 caution bunched up the field and the first bit of luck kicked in for Adam as on the restart, Smith had issues and could not get his car up to speed. A caution was thrown, giving Holtrop the top spot for a second lap 20 restart. As the green flag dropped, Adam’s car pushed badly in turn two, taking him up to the wall letting Mike Steltz drive past him for the lead. Lady Luck would smile again though, as two cars wrecked at the back of the field, putting Adam back in front for another restart. He would not waste this chance, motoring hard for the final five laps to secure the win and making the childhood dream become reality. Craig Moore and Steltz rounded out the podium. Heat race wins went to Moore and Smith.

With his own car blown up, Kyle Hanson borrowed his wife’s ride and took it to the win in the Outlaw Tuner class, passing Clint Meins on lap four en route to the win. Vance Hibbard was second with Meins running third. Meins and Hanson won the heat races,

Cook Road Shell Sportsman Sprints

Fast Time – Chase Goetz 12.810

Heat 1 – Jake Helsel, Chase Goetz, Eric Turner, Travis Jacobson, Bill Rude, Joe Lyon, Kelsey Carpenter, John Tharp

Heat 2 – Sean Johnson, Malachi Gemmer, Michael Bollinger, Steve Parker, Ashleigh Johnson, Jayme Barnes

Main – Chase Goetz, Helsel, Turner, Jacobson, Carpenter, Bollinger, Rude, Lyon, Tharp, A Johnson, Gemmer, Parker, Barnes, S Johnson

Lap Leaders – Goetz 1-25

Wicked Energy Gum Focus Midgets

Heat 1 – Garrett Thomas, Ashley Thompson, Jesse Conway, Renee Angel, Seth Hespe, Alex Peck, Brian Hayes

Heat 2 – Tristin Thomas, Nick Evans, Hannah Lindquist, Shane Smith, Mike Stryker, Guy Tow Sr, Jake Austin

Heat 3 – Chance Crum, Nik Larson, Breanna Brostrom, Sawyer Lind, Alden Ostrom, Guy Tow Jr, Brenden White

Heat 4 – AJ Fugitt, Matt Loving, Jeremiah Franklin, Ray Stebbins, Tim Smith, Dave Mills, Stuart Milner

B Main – Mike Stryker, Ostrom, Angel, Smith, Tow Jr, Tow Sr, Austin, Hayes, Mills, Milner, White

A Main – Chance Crum, T Thomas, Evans, Fugitt, Larson, Loving, Smith, Lindquist, Thompson, Lind, Hespe, Conway, Ostrom, Stryker, Franklin, Brostrom, Stebbins, G Thomas, Angel

Lap Leaders – Crum 1-25

Skagit Aggregates Modifieds

Heat 1 – Craig Moore, Mike Steltz, Jeff Blanton, Ben Gunderson, (DQ) Rick Smith – Weight

Heat 2 – Kevin Smith, Adam Holtrop. Mel Decker, (DQ) Jeff Jansma – Did Not Scale

Main – Adam Holtrop, Moore, Steltz, K Smith, R Smith, Jansma, Blanton, Decker, Gunderson, Nutter

Lap Leaders – Steltz 1-2 Holtrop 3-4 K Smith 5 Holtrop 6 K Smith 7-20 Holtrop 21-25

Outlaw Tuners

Heat 1 – Clint Meins, TJ Campbell, Vance Hibbard, Howard Vos, Brian Michelson, Jon Edwards

Heat 2 – Kyle Hanson, Megan White, Matt Dunnigan, Mike Thomas, Rob Dozark

Main – Kyle Hanson, Hibbard, Meins, Vos, White, Dozark, Thomas, Edwards, Campbell, Dunnigan, Michelson

Lap Leaders – Dunnigan 1 Meins 2-4 Hanson 5-17