Tuesdays with TMAC – 7th at WoOFest!

From Bill W, photo courtesy of Thriller Photography

It had been awhile since Terry McCarl had competed with the World of Outlaws, but he didn’t miss a step last weekend at the WoOFest at the Lonestar Speedway in Kilgore, Texas. The result was a seventh place finish. Next weekend he heads to Charlotte, North Carolina and the World of Outlaws World Finals, November 5-7.

Early issues didn’t slow down TMAC who laid down the fourth quick time of the night in the Big Game Treestands #24. “We had some problems hot lapping, so we didn’t get any laps in there,” he says. “We were able to go out there and set quick time for when we went out, and ended up fourth quick overall. It was good to know we were still right there as far as time trials go.”

After being mired in sixth in his heat, it was time for the dash. “The rains had really caused some havoc for their track prep, and it was tough to pass on,” he says. “We drew eight for the dash. Kraig got by us there at the start, and Jason Meyers was able to get under us. We ran ninth.”

Starting inside row five, TMAC surged forward. “The car was good,” says the Altoona, Iowa driver. “We drove by Kraig Kinser and (Jac) Haud(enschild), and we got by (Donny) Schatz. We got up beside Jason Sides a couple of times and I thought we had a shot at him.”

TMAC was determined to move into the top five. “We were in sixth, and I started to move around a bit,” he says. “I didn’t want to settle for sixth, and that’s not what we went down there for. I tried to go above the cushion, and we about hit the fence. Schatz got back by me, and we were able to hang pretty close to him until the end. Other than that one mistake, I was pretty content.”

There was admiration for the promotions of the Hafertepe family, who were responsible for the event. Despite the good purse, a full field was not on hand, puzzling TMAC. “I really appreciate the things that they are doing down there promoting events like that,” he says. “The car count was a little disappointing and I question the psyche of a few of the drivers in the area who didn’t show up to a good paying show like that ($800 to start), but it was a great event.”

TMAC, who was originally planning on the Short Track Nationals this weekend, had not visited the I-30 Speedway in Little Rock since 1993, when he posted his best finish there with the World of Outlaws, a 17th place finish. He was driving his #27 at the time. Instead, with the event pushed back a week, he will head to Charlotte. “It’s unfortunate, but you can’t do anything about the weather,” he says. “As a promoter, I understand what they had to do down there. The forecast was tough. The south has just been pounded by rain this Fall.”

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Websites for the McCarl Gang!

Driverwebsites.com has developed websites for the McCarl boys. Check out the new look of www.TerryMcCarl.com, and check out the newly developed www.AustinMcCarl.com and www.CarsonMcCarl.com!


Reid VanEck asks: In 2010 you will be teammates with Craig Dollansky. Will you be running the same equipment (motor and chassis wise) and how do you look to build on your outstanding 2009 season with a teammate in 2010?

TMAC Answers: The agreement we have with Tod (Quiring) hasn’t changed. Our shops will be in different locations. Our shop will be in Windom, Minnesota at Big Game Treestands headquarters, and Craig’s will be at his place. We’re basically two separate teams, but I’m sure when the cars are at the same track, the #24 will help the #7 and the other way around. Craig’s crew chief, Mike Woodring, helped me a few times a couple of years back when I was looking for help, so we have a good relationship. Any knowledge we can glean from him will be great. Craig and I have always been friendly too, so it should work out well. We may have some testing, and I look forward to that. That’s something the other teams are doing, and I think it can help. We both run Maxim chassis, but we have different motor builders. Right now, we’re looking at a similar schedule as this year, while Craig is planning on the full World of Outlaws tour, so we’ll see each other, but it won’t be a deal where we are at the same track every night.

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This Day in TMAC History!

TMAC holds two wins on this day in history. Both occurred at Volusia Speedway Park in Volusia, Florida. Both were also 360 USCS shows. In 2000, he won aboard the Mulligan #3 machine ahead of Kenny Adams, Mike Woodring, Sport Allen and Terry Witherspoon. In 2001, he drove the #24 to victory ahead of Terry Gray, Adams, Jim Raptis and Allen.

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