Rain Dampens SSP’s Candy Bowl V on Saturday for the Fourth Straight Year

From Todd Fisher

Newberrytown, PA (October 31, 2009) – Rain played a major role once again at the 5th Annual Candy Bowl presented by J&K Salvage of York held on Saturday, October 31. A slow drizzle began to fall during the Mini Van feature event. Track crews immediately began circling the track to keep it in racing shape and after a 45 minute delay, plans were in place to resume racing when a second band of showers developed out of nowhere just west of the track. When the second band hit, all hopes of completing the features on Saturday night were lost.

Although there was a scheduled raindate for Sunday, it will not used due to the fact that all qualifying events were completed and the feature lineups were set. The raindate is only untilized if an event is postponed before the gates open or if all of the qualifying heats are not completed before the event is postponed. The features for the 600cc Micro Sprints, Legends Cars, Thundercars and Mini Vans will be completed on Saturday, November 7 in conjunction with the Turkey 200. After consoltation with the ARDC Board of Directors, it was agreed that the make-up feature will be completed at the first event in 2010 in which the ARDC Midgets return. No additional entries will be accepted for the postponed features as qualifying was completed and feature lineups are already set.

Since all of qualifying has been completed and all rainchecks for the pits and grandstands have been declared null and void by the SSP Rain/Cancellation policy, SSP owners Todd and Rhonda Fisher have announced some adjustments to this policy for this event only due to some extrordinary circumstances. Each division has a different set of circumstances which are described in detail below.

Grandstand Tickets from 10/31/09 (Two Options):

1) will be accepted for equal ticket exchange for the November 7 events which includes the makeup features for the 600cc Micro Sprints, Thundercars, Legends Cars and Mini Vans. For example an Adult ticket for 10/31 will be exchanged equally for one Adult ticket on 11/7 (no refund on monies).

2) will be accepted in exchange for ½ price of an equal exchange ticket when the ARDC Midgets return for their first appearance in 2010 in which the make-up feature will be completed along with another full program of qualifying events and feature for the midgets.

Pit Passes from 10/31/09 (by division):

ARDC Midgets – all pit passes are not valid as the make-up feature will be completed in 2010 along with another full program including qualifying events and feature.

600cc Micros, Legends Cars and Thundercars – each driver in the feature will receive their pit pass complimentary along with two additional crew members. The driver and 2 crewmembers must sign in together at the driver registration line (white building).

Mini Vans – all pit passes are not valid as the make-up feature will be completed on November 7, 2009 along with another already scheduled feature event.

The Susquehanna Speedway Park is located off I-83 to exit 32, then 1.4 miles NW on SR382 to York Road, then 1.3 miles south. For more information, contact the speedway offices at (717) 292-1696 or visit online at sspracing.net. On raceday, use the track phone at (717) 938-9170 for up-to-date information at the “Big Track” and (717) 932-1608 for the “Outback Track.”

Previous Winners of the Candy Bows presented by J&K Salvage:

2005: Mike Miller (ARDC Midgets); Cody Darrah (600cc Micro Sprints); Duane Watson

(Thundercars); Kory Sites (Street Stocks); Jason Rochelle (Legends Cars); Greg Updegraff

(Xtreme Stock Cars); Kendra Knaub (Women on Wheels Stock Cars); Butch Richcreek (Mini Vans); Penney Repp (Women on Wheels School Buses).

2006: Ray Bull (ARDC Midgets); Ben Murphy (600cc Micro Sprints); Craig Wagaman (Thundercars);

Jason Rochelle (Legends Cars); Daryl Sipe (Mini Vans); Kendra Knaub (Women on Wheels Stock Cars).

2007: Eric Heydenreich (ARDC Midgets); Brent Marks (600cc Micro Sprints); Craig Wagaman

(Thundercars); Jason Rochelle (Legends Cars); Mike Taft (Mini Vans); Kendra Knaub (Women

on Wheels Stock Cars).

2008: Randy Monroe Jr. (ARDC Midgets); Jimmy Brookens (600cc Micro Sprints); Sam Gallagher

(Thundercars); Stephen Nederostek (Legends Cars); Richard Day (Mini Vans); Kendra Knaub

(Women on Wheels Stock Cars).

2009: To Be determined in early 2010 (ARDC Midgets); T.B.D. 11/7/09 (600cc Micro Sprints);

T.B.D. 11/7/09 (Thundercars); T.B.D. 11/7/09 (Legends Cars); T.B.D. 11/7/09 (Mini Vans).

2010: To be determined on Saturday, October 30, 2010.

Race Results from Saturday, October 31, 2009

Postponed ARDC Midget Feature for 2010 (Unofficial Starting Lineup) (20 laps): Row 1: Scott Zipp and Drew Heistand; Row 2: Jimmy Commock and David Shirk; Row 3: Justin Grosz and Carey Becker; Row 4: Trevor Kobylarz and Greg Robinson; Row 5: Chris Zrinski and Tracy Readinger; Row 6: Dusty Heistand and Bruce Buckwalter Jr.; Row 7: Brett Arndt and Nick Wean; Row 8: P.J. Gargiulo and Frank Polimeda; Row 9: Steve Buckwalter and Andrew Hannula; Row 10: Eric Heydenreich and Randy Reid; Row 11: Stephanie Stevens and Bobby Goerner; Row 12: Steve Lenig and Brad Cox; Row 13: Warren Kohler and Donnie Trent; Row 14: Jason Rice.

HEAT RACE WINNERS: Not available at release time.