Super Shox Show Well at the Chili Bowl

Four Chili Bowl racers with Super Shox finish in the top 15. Topping the list is Kevin Swindell with the win and Sammy who finished in third after a thrilling drive from last in 30 laps. Mike Hess who started in 22nd raced his way to 7th by passing high and low and Daniel Adler finished in 15th after starting 21st.

Kevin slid back with a loose race car at the start to 7th but soon made adjustments to his Super Shox and by lap 24 was in the lead and opening up a sizeable advantage as the race track began to get slick. That is about the same time Sammy and Mike Hess started their drive to the front with Sammy leading the way Hess followed close behind as two weaved thru traffic as the laps wound down.

Super Shox has the advantage racers are looking for with standard valved shocks starting at $179.00 to single and double adjustable shocks we have the shocks you need to win races with.

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