From Williams Grove Speedway

MECHANICSBURG, PA — Greg Hodnett’s charge fell one spot short as Stevie Smith won the 25-lap sprint car feature Friday night at Williams Grove Speedway. Smith started third in a talent-laden 24-car field, but dropped back early and did not seem to be in contention for his 22nd career victory. Doug Dodson set the early pace from his front row starting position before Justin Henderson took over on lap nine. The Indianapolis resident appeared to be headed for his first Williams Grove win until Smith began to find some speed near the halfway point of the race Smith moved into the runnerup spot on lap 20, then set his sights on the leader. He used an inside move between turns three and four to take the top spot from Henderson. Meanwhile Hodnett was closing fast. After starting 19th, Hodnett moved steadily through the field and cracked the top five by lap 17. Using the inside line Hodnett continued his march to the front and took second place from Henderson on lap 24, but ran out of time in his attempt to catch Smith. Smith earned $3630 for his performance. It was the second time in three races this season that Hodnett has had to settle for second place. Henderson held on for third. Adam Wilt was fourth and Brian Montieth, who started 14th, completed the top five. Dodson, Chad Layton, Brian Leppo, Lucas Wolfe and Fred Rahmer finished in positions six through ten respectively. Heats for the 32 sprint cars went to Dodson, Kyle Moody, Smith and Brent Marks. NASCAR star Kasey Kahne won the consolation race. Pat Cannon won the 20-lap 358 c.i. sprint feature and became that division’s career win leader. He started fifth and took the lead from T. J. Stutts on the 8th lap, then rolled to his 15th career victory. Nate Snyder, Cory Haas, T. J. Stutts and Chad Criswell completed the top five. Heats for the 36 358s were won by Criswell, Haas, Scott Geesey and Cannon. The consolation race went to Amy Ott.

Williams Grove Speedway Feature Finishes – April 2, 2010

Sprint Car Feature – 25 laps – 1. Stevie Smith, 2. Greg Hodnett, 3. Justin Henderson, 4. Adam Wilt, 5. Brian Montieth, 6. Doug Dodson, 7. Chad Layton, 8. Brian Leppo, 9. Lucas Wolfe, 10. Fred Rahmer, 11. Daryn Pittman, 12. Brad Sweet, 13. Doug Esh, 14. Aaron Ott, 15. Dave Ely, 16. Alan Krimes, 17. Steve Buckwalter, 18. Johnny Mackison, Jr., 19. Kyle Moody, 20. Brent Marks, 21. Rick Lafferty, 22. Chris Meleason, 23. Lance Dewease, 24. Kasey Kahne

358 c.i. Sprint Car Feature – 20 laps – 1. Pat Cannon, 2. Nate Snyder, 3. Cory Haas, 4. T. J. Stutts, 5. Chad Criswell, 6. Blane Heimbach, 7. Scott Geesey, 8. Chad Trout, 9. Nate Hammaker, 10. Rich Eichelberger, 11. Glenndon Forsythe, 12. Logan Schuchart, 13. Kyle Moody, 14. Todd Rittenhouse, Jr., 15. Eric Tomecek, 16. Jason Shultz, 17. Steve Fannasy, 18. Jessica Anderson, 19. Danny Massey, 20. Ricky Stonebraker, 21. Matt Boland, 22, Amy Ott, 23. Kevin Nouse, 24. Tim Burkheimer