From Trail-Way Speedway

Hanover, PA (05/21/10) –Three-time track champ Jeff Rohrbaugh moved back into a tie with Brad McClelland on top of the all-time Trail-Way 358 sprint car career win list after scoring his first win of the year in the 25-lap feature Friday night.

“So this is where it is!” quipped Rohrbaugh exiting his Roy Vincent Racing #7v in victory lane,

“We’ve been making a lot of changes on the car this year, but I’d rather make changes than run second.”

Rohrbaugh started seventh and advanced the runner-up spot by the end of lap three. That was the lap in which he slipped between Randy Whisler and Mike Bittinger to gain two spots.

“We split the 12 and 64 cars,” said Rohrbaugh of the daring move, “We were going to win it or wear it.”

Two laps later (lap five), Rohrbaugh drove under outside front row starter and race-long leader Trevor Little through turns three and four for the race lead. The RVR/L&R Auto Body/Don Beard Racing Engines #7v led the rest of the way, most of the second half of the race with lapped cars between himself and second-place finisher Bittinger.

Rohrbaugh’s first Trail-Way win of the year was the 22nd of his career, moving him back into the all-time win lead with points leader Brad McClelland.

Joe Trone, Jr. completed a solid run by coming from sixth starting spot to finish third.

McClelland put on the most exciting show of the night by coming from the rear after sustaining damage during first-lap contact with a spinning Jessie Morrison and dropping to the pits to make repairs.

Tim Wagaman started tenth and finished fifth, with Dale Hammaker, Randy Davis, Jr., Troy Becker, Scott Fisher, and 17th-starting Adam Lawrence completing the top ten.

Heat for the 23 “358” sprint cars were won by Little, Rohrbaugh, and Bittinger.

Sam Gallagher became the fifth different winner in five races in the thundercar division.

And he did it in record-setting fashion, reclaiming the fastest time ever with a 20-lap run of 6:05.09. Gallagher was the record holder before Will Walls set a new track record of 6:08.33 on April 30th. Walls’ record stood for only two races.

Gallagher chased outside front row starter Kyle Martin for the first 12 laps before Martin drifted high in turn four of lap 13, giving Gallagher the opening he needed to grab the lead.

Martin came back to challenge Gallagher over the final few laps, finishing a half-carlength behind the Byers Tire #25.

Brad Shank, Will Walls, and Rick Weaver completed the top five.

Martin got a record of his own, completing the lone heat for the nine thundercars in an 8-lap time of 2:27.71. (That record was also held by Will Walls, set on 8/17/07 at 2:28.50.)

Doug Bennett scored his second win in-a-row in the 20-lap Extreme Stock feature. He started eighth and caught Jeremy Stremmel for the lead on lap 17. From there, Bennett pulled away, with Stremmel crossing second and Pat McClane third.

Heats for the 16 Extreme Stocks were won by Stremmel and Gary Calimer, Jr.

Calimer dropped from the field with a flat rear tire while leading the feature on lap three.

Brad Kress came from sixth starting spot to win the 12-lap limited stock feature. He took the lead from Terry Hartlaub on the second lap and was never challenged.

Rod Weaver and Chad Weaver crossed second and third.

Heats for the 26 limited stocks were won by Rod Weaver, Kress, and Robbie Carroll.

Sarah Redmond established a four-lap track record in the consolation event, completing the event in 1:32.90.

Tomorrow (5/22), the 600cc and 270cc Micro Sprints, All American Outlaws, Scramble Cars, Starlite 6-cylinder Ovals and Strictly Stocks are on the schedule. Gates open at 4:30 p.m. with racing beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Next Friday (5/28), the 358 Late Models return to Trail-Way. They’ll be joined by the 358 Sprints Cars and Limited Stocks. Gates open at 5:30 p.m. and racing begins at 7:30 p.m.

Next Saturday (5/29), the first Junk Car Demolition race is on the schedule. Joining the Junk Cars will be Figure 8, Powder Puff, and Scramble Cars. Gates open at 4:00 p.m. with racing beginning at

6:00 p.m.

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Trail-Way Speedway May 21, 2010


358 Sprint Cars

Feature (25 Laps)

1. 7V-Jeff Rohrbaugh; 2. 12-Mike Bittinger; 3. 99-Joe Trone, Jr.; 4. 6-Brad McClelland; 5. 1-Tim Wagaman; 6. 66-Dale Hammaker; 7. 98-Randy Davis, Jr.; 8. 98B-Troy Becker; 9. 21-Scott Fisher; 10. 5-Adam Lawrence; 11. 10W-Brian Bruckner; 12. 8R-Michael Ruttkamp; 13. 01-Rick Horn; 14. 10-Zach Euculano; 15. 66B-Cory Brockman; 16. 64-Randy Whisler(DNF); 17. 33T-Todd Spangler(DNF); 18. 28-Keith Prutzman(DNF); 19. 20-Trevor Little(DNF); 20. 33-Billy Heltzel III(DNF); 21. 27-Brian Suchy(DNF); 22. 18J-Jessie Morrison(DNF); 23.17G-George Streaker, Jr.(DNF). No Time.

Lap Leaders- Trevor Little (1-4), Jeff Rohrbaugh (5-25).

Heat 1 (10 Laps/All to Qualify)

1. 20-Trevor Little; 2. 21-Scott Fisher; 3. 98-Randy Davis; 4. 1-Tim Wagaman; 5. 10-Zach Euculano; 6. 10W-Brian Bruckner; 7. 33T- Todd Spangler; 8. 66B-Cory Brockman. No Time.

Heat 2 (10 Laps/All to Qualify)

1. 7V-Jeff Rohrbaugh; 2. 66-Dale Hammaker; 3. 64-Randy Whisler; 4. 33-Billy Heltzel III.; 5. 98B-Troy Becker; 6. 5-Adam Lawrence; 7. 8R-Micheal Ruttkamp; 8. 27-Brian Suchy. No Time.

Heat 3 (10 Laps/All to Qualify)

1. 12-Mike Bittinger; 2. 99-Joe Trone, Jr.; 3. 6-Brad McClelland; 4. 18J-Jessie Morrison; 5. 28-Keith Prutzman; 6. 17G-George Streaker, Jr.(DNF); 7. 01-Rick Horn(DNF). Time 2:21.71.