Solwold Wins ASCS Northwest Main

Stacy Verrall

SEATTLE, Wash. (May 30, 2010) – Got Full Moon? The night was long, a few cars weren’t able to keep the rubber side down and Mother Nature was playing mind games with northwest race fans all week… but… the substance that filled the spaces between the “full moonish” details made the night well worth the price of admission.

41 cars. Heartfelt tributes to fallen and recovering racers. An awesome Ford Focus Midget support class. Catching some rays after a week of rain. And with so many talented drivers on the track making it nearly impossible to predict who the winner might be… it was a great way to get the ASCS Northwest’s 2010 season kicked off.

The short and sweet of the A-Main:
With the former ASCS Northwest champs (Crockett & Barnes) starting mid pack and a slew of experienced racers ahead of them, it was clear the winner of this race was still yet to be written. It was anyone’s win. Josh DeWitt, for example, was having the race of his life until discovering misfortune in turn two while running second. At one point it seemed as though the night belonged to Seth Bergman. He was dominating. Obviously the experience gained while running with the ASCS National tour for a year was really paying off. But just a few laps short of the final round he was hit with mechanical failure, and Jason Solwold was right there to pick up where he left off. Jayme Barnes was charging through the pack hard, but he just didn’t have enough laps to catch Solwold, the feature winner. Jayme finished second and Logan Forler ran a smart race to take third.

The first ever Travis Rutz Hard Charger Award went to former Skagit Speedway track champion, Brock Lemley. Travis’s girlfriend (Lisa) and brother (Kenny) drove down from British Columbia to present the award. You could feel how greatly the fans appreciated their presence since so many keep healing thoughts for Trav tucked close to their hearts. BTP Trav.

And with the recent loss of Jesse Hockett, ASCS Northwest racers decided to pay a tribute to the fellow competitor so many respected and admired. After lining up for the 4 wide salute to fans, the outside car on the front row pulled away from the pack to symbolize a missing racer. Jesse… you will be greatly missed.

Video of the races and evening events coming soon. Watch for it on

Night two of the ASCS Northwest season opener is canceled due to weather.

Join us in Montana on June 11-13 for the ASCS Northwest’s next weekend of action packed racing.

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Heat 1:11w Shane Broers, 8r Evan Funk, 22 Garren Linder, 15d Dan Dunlap, 57c Chris Schmelze, 10j Jake Wadell, 33v Henry Van Dam, 55 Trey Starks

Heat 2: 2l Logan Forler, 23 Colin Baker, 5d Josh DeWitt, 9a Steve Dyer, 08 Steve Vague, 9m Barry Martinez, 17 Cam Smith

Heat 3: 39c Jason Solwold, 98m Mitch Olson, 94 Steven Tiner, Oj Jay Cole, 6n Billy Nutter, 6m Phillip Del Rosa, 96 Eddie Evans

Heat 4: 7n Jayme Barnes, 5k Brian Kirkpatrick, 76 Shawn Rice, 7a JJ Hickle, 40 Brock Lemley, 9p Jared Peterson, 12p Randy Pierce, 54 Mike Gable

Heat 5:23 Seth Bergman, 11 Roger Crockett, 72 Glen Borden Jr, 19 TJ Hartman, 2m Mike Melwicks, 38 Jake Mann, 96x Mack Brown, 73 Danielle Huson

B-Main 1:40 Brock Lemley, Oj Jay Cole, 94 Steven Tiner, 17 Cam Smith, 9a Steve Dyer, 15d Dan Dunlap, 10j Jake Wadell, 54 Mike Gable, 73 Danielle Huson

B-Main 2:9p Jared Peterson, 72 Glen Borden Jr, 2m Mike Melwicks, 55 Trey Starks, 6m Phillip Del Rosa, 12p Randy Pierce, 6n Billy Nutter, 08 Steve Vague 9m Barry Martinez, 96x Mack Brown

A-Main:39c Jason Solwold, 7n Jayme Barnes, 2l Logan Forler, 11 Roger Crockett, 40 Brock Lemley, 98m Mitch Olson, 9p Jared Peterson, Oj Jay Cole, 23b Colin Baker, 76 Shawn Rice, 11w Shane Broers, 19 TJ Hartman, 22 Garren Linder, 23 Seth Bergman, 72 Glen Borden Jr, 57c Chris Schmelze, 5d Josh DeWitt, 8r Evan Funk, 7a JJ Hickle, 5k Brian Kirkpatrick