Cornell Wins Second of Year at LA

wow winged outlaw warriors
wow winged outlaw warriors

LaMonte, MO(June 11th)-Running down race leader Austin Alumbaugh on lap sixteen, Jonathan Cornell picked up his second career Winged Outlaw Warrior victory at LA Raceway Friday night.

When the field took the green, Cornell and Alumbaugh ran wheel to wheel battling for the top spot with Alumbaugh leading at the flagstand. Cornell was never far behind and by lap three, Cody Baker had moved in on the lead duo. As Baker came hard into turn three, he went over the bank in between turns three and four bringing out the yellow. On the restart, fourth place Rusty Potter also got too high in turn three bringing out another yellow before a lap could be completed.

When the green reappeared, Alumbaugh led Cornell and Mark Shirshekan and Tyler Blank ran third and fourth. Bradlee Ryun was running well using the high groove and had moved into the fifth spot and eighteenth starting Eric Todd had moved to sixth.

As the laps continued to click off, Alumbaugh had extended his lead to a comfortable advantage and the leaders started to encounter heavy lapped traffic.

Cornell started running a lower groove and the lead started to get smaller. By lap fourteen, Cornell was starting to put heavy pressure on Alumbaugh, but the “Man of Steel” would gain the advantage coming off of the turns.

By lap sixteen, Alumbaugh was having trouble getting by a lapped car and Cornell went by on the bottom. Alumbaugh made a run at Cornell down the backstretch, but he did not have the momentum to get by Cornell. Alumbaugh would make a couple of more runs at Cornell over the next couple of laps, but Cornell stretched the advantage over the last couple of laps in his Kiowa Line Builders/Yeager’s Harley Davidson Maxim with Ostrich power. Cornell also became the first driver to win multiple WOW races at LA Raceway, which has been holding events since 2005. Alumbaugh ran a strong second in his Rick Wood Masonry/Alumbaugh Heating and Cooling XXX with Wesmar power. Shirshekan ran a solid third in the Cooper Racing Products J&J powered by a Wesmar. Blank continued his solid season with a fourth aboard the Blank’s Backhoe/Schlotz Landscaping JEI with Patriot power. Point leader Todd passed thirteen cars on his way to a fifth place finish in the AmsOil Maxim powered by a Joe Todd motor. Don Droud Jr. charged to sixth from seventeenth followed by Ryun in seventh. Potter recovered from his spin and worked his way back to eighth with J Kinder and Jon Corbin rounding out the top ten.

The Winged Outlaw Warriors will be back in action next Friday June 18th as they travel to US 36 Raceway in Osborn, MO for a co-sanctioned show with ASCS Midwest.

LA Raceway Results

June 11th

23 Cars

First Heat 8 Laps(top five to A)

1. 1A Adam Jones-Wright City, MO (2) 2. 38 Cody Baker-Lone Jack, MO (1) 3. 1X Bradlee Ryun-Higginsville, MO (4) 4. 9M Jon Corbin-Kansas City, MO (6) 5. 10T Mike Trent-Rocheport, MO (8) 6. 86 Don Droud, Jr.-Lincoln, NE (7) 7. 3V Tyler Utz-Sedalia, MO(3) 8. 65 T.J. Muths-Sedalia, MO (5)

Second Heat 8 Laps(top five to A)

1. 3 Mark Shirshekan-Farmington, MO (1) 2. 75 Tyler Blank-California, MO (5) 3. 3P Rusty Potter-Boonville, MO (6) 4. 72 Curtis Boyer-New Haven, MO (2) 5. 76 Jay Russell-Elwood, KS (3) 6. 18W Chris Walker-Oak Grove, MO (7) 7. 11C Dakota Carroll-LaMonte, MO (4) 8. 21T Eric Todd-Falcon, MO (8)

Third Heat 8 Laps(top five to A)

1. 33 Austin Alumbaugh-Higginsville, MO (1) 2. 28 Jonathan Cornell-Sedalia, MO (7) 3. 88 J Kinder-Holt’s Summit, MO (6) 4. 14K Kyle Bellm-Nixa, MO (2) 5. 4 Rex Combs-Tipton, MO (5) 6. 12C Faron Crank-Sedalia, MO (3) 7. 10 Chris Coleman-Marshall, MO(4)

B-Main 10 Laps(top five to A)

1. 18W Chris Walker (2) 2. 86 Don Droud, Jr. (1) 3. 21T Eric Todd (8) 4. 12C Faron Crank (3) 5. 11C Dakota Carroll (5) 6. 10 Chris Coleman (6) 7. 65 T.J. Muths (7) 8. 3V Tyler Utz (4)

A-Main 20 Laps

1. 28 Jonathan Cornell (1) 2. 33 Austin Alumbaugh (2) 3. 3 Mark Shirshekan (5) 4. 75 Tyler Blank (6) 5. 21T Eric Todd (18) 6. 86 Don Droud, Jr (17) 7. 1X Bradlee Ryun (7) 8. 3P Rusty Potter (8) 9. 88 J Kinder (9) 10. 9M Jon Corbin (10) 11. 18W Chris Walker (16) 12. 1A Adam Jones (3) 13. 14K Kyle Bellm (12) 14. 76 Jay Russell (14) 15. 72 Curtis Boyer (11) 16. 10 Mike Trent (13) 17. 38 Cody Baker (4) 18. 4 Rex Combs (15) 19. 12C Faron Crank (19) 20. 11C Dakota Carroll (20)