Danny Dietrich
Danny Dietrich. - Rick Rarer / Photo

From Williams Grove Speedway

MECHANICSBURG, PA — Danny Dietrich used a last lap pass to take the lead from Brent Marks and went on to win the 25-lap sprint car feature Friday night at Williams Grove Speedway. Marks took the lead at the start and had opened a four-second margin at the half-way point. Dietrich, who started fourth, lost a few positions in the early going, then began to come on. He entered the top five on lap four. The Grove’s leading Rookie of the Year candidate passed Don Kreitz for fourth on lap nine, then took third from Ryan Bohlke five tours later. Dietrich moved by Chris Meleason for second place on lap 16 and began to close on Marks whose pace was slowed by lapped traffic. Dietrich took the lead for the first time with an inside move through turns one and two, but Marks wasn’t done chasing his first career win at Williams Grove. Marks made an aggressive move entering turn one the next time around and slid in front of Dietrich to retake the lead. Dietrich followed Marks on lap 24, then made his move after taking the white flag. He used the low line to get even with Marks through turns one and two and edged ahead on the backstretch. Dietrich, a second generation racer from Aspers, held off a last corner bid by Marks to become the speedway’s eighth different winner in 2010. Marks was second followed by Ryan Bohlke in his best effort of the season. Kreitz was fourth and Aaron Ott completed the top five. Greg Hodnett finished sixth and took the lead in the Lawrence Chevrolet point standings. Daryn Pittman, Rick Lafferty, Alan Krimes and Chad Layton finished in positions six through ten respectively. Heats for the 29 sprint cars went to Bohlke, Chris Meleason and Marks. Layton won the consolation race. Pat Cannon started 12th, took the lead from Brian Garland on lap eleven and went on to win the 20-lap 358 feature. It was his third victory of the season. Garland was second followed by Scott Geesey, Danny Massey and Jay Galloway. Cory Haas , Garland and Jason Shultz won heats for the 30 358s in competition Blane Heimbach won the consolation race.

Williams Grove Speedway Feature Finishes – June 18, 2010

Sprint Car Feature – 25 laps – 1. Danny Dietrich, 2. Brent Marks, 3. Ryan Bohlke, 4. Don Kreitz, Jr., 5. Aaron Ott, 6. Greg Hodnett, 7. Daryn Pittman, 8. Rick Lafferty, 9. Alan Krimes, 10. Chad Layton, 11. Mark Smith, 12. Lance Dewease, 13. Fred Rahmer, 14. Brian Montieth, 15. Chris Meleason, 16. Todd Shaffer, 17. Justin Henderson, 18. Dave Ely, 19. Adam Wilt, 20. Doug Dodson, 21. Chris Shuttlesworth, 22. Doug Esh, 23. Brian Leppo, 24. Buzz Wilson. DNQ: Derek Sell, Troy Fraker, Tim Glatfelter, Bob Howard, Mark Coldren.

358 Sprint Feature – 20 laps – 1. Pat Cannon, 2. Brian Garland, 3. Scott Geesey, 4. Danny Massey, 5. Jay Galloway, 6. Cory Haas, 7. Jason Shultz, 8. Glenndon Forsythe, 9. Nate Hammaker, 10. Kevin Nouse, 11. Chad Criswell, 12. Logan Schuchart, 13. Chad Trout, 14. Nicole Bower, 15. Kyle Moody, 16. Todd Rittenhouse, Jr., 17. Matt Boland, 18. Amy Ott, 19. T. J. Stutts, 20. Rich Eichelberger, 21. Jessica Anderson, 22. Jimmy Reppert, 23. Steve Fannasy, 24. Blane Heimbach. DNQ: Ted Thomas, Mike Ressler, Stewart Smith, Brie Hershey, Bob Anderson, Derek Frohlich.