New Gaerte Chassis Bring Another Top-10 for Darren Long And JGRacing

From J.G. Motorsports

With a slight miscalculation during the western swing Joe and Tim needed to bring out a new chassis for Darren Long to drive at LA Raceway this past Friday and with that came yet another top-10 finish and a personal best spot in the final run down.

Starting off fourth in the first heat race of the evening the 3g quickly made it to third in the order before slipping off the track like a few others before him relegating him into the sixth spot. With a caution flag a little later and a fast race car he made it back to fourth at the drop of the checkered flag.

Now armed with an outside pole starting spot in the B Darren had no traffic to encounter and the new Gaerte Chassis tuned up even better. After following the leader for several laps a caution brought the two closer together. After moving the wing back slightly there would be no denying the JGRacing entry the win and an 18th place starting spot for the A.

Now in the A and their heads high the team focused on making the car even faster for the 30 lap feature. Running through the middle of the track Darren was making a charge to the front as the laps clicked off. After close to twenty laps were done and gone and a few cautions the 3g was sitting in the fifth spot but without completing the last lap Darren was moved back to 7th. A subsequent caution a few laps later had Darren moving the wing back a touch but this was too much and after gaining back those positions he dropped back to 7th at the completion of the race. This is another career best finish for everyone on the team.

This weeks Red Line Oil question is; what year did Darren Long win the track title at Limaland Motorsports Park? This week’s winner will receive an XYZ Machining hat.

Another new feature we will have; ask a question to the pros, otherwise not me. Send me a question for Joe, Tim, or Darren and if your question is picked it will be featured in the next press release. Please e-mail with Question of the Week in the subject line and I will forward the one chosen it to the correct individual.

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