Scott Euler at Butler

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From Jim Fisher

Scott Euler took the lead just before the cars took the white flag and went on to record his first Butler Speedway feature win on Saturday. The event was marred by six flips and shortened for time constraints. Ken Quimby led the entire race until Euler went by. Gary Fast passed Quimby on the final straightaway to place second. Quimby, Chris Jones, and Dustin Dinan completed the top 5.
Butler Speedway will conclude its points chase on Septemeber 11 with a full fireworks display.

Butler Speedway Results
September 4, 2010
Winged Sprints
Feature: 1. 27e Scott Euler, 2. 26 Gary Fast, 3. 9q Ken Quimby, 4. 23j Chris Jones, 5. Dustin Dinan, 6. 25 Ken
Mackey, 7. 9e Tim Evilsizer, 8. 27 Shelby Bilton, 9. 19 Doug Zimmerman, 10. 39 Gerry Hart, 11. 27k Ryan
Kirkendall, 12. 57 Rocky LoPresto, 13. 12b Mike Baker, 14. 39jr Chad Hart, 15. 50 Mike Burns, 16. 1a Mark
Aldrich, 17. 1r Sean Robinson, 18. 48 Greg Wheeler, 19. 52 Mark Broughman, 20. 11 Dan Hall
Heat Winners: Dan Hall, Gary Fast, Scott Euler