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Terry McCarl
Terry McCarl

From Bill W.

April 19, 2011 – There is much anticipation surrounding this weekend, as it will mark the first time in 2011 that Terry McCarl will have a chance to compete in the VerMeer Motorsports #55 in sprint car action. Plans are to practice on Friday night at Knoxville Raceway, and then compete in the Monster Energy™ Sprint Series on Saturday at the 34 Raceway in West Burlington, Iowa.

The Monster series affiliated with the Midwest Open Wheel Association is a new 410 series that will be based in central Illinois. TMAC knows that this is an important step in getting 410 racing back on the map in an area steeped in tradition. “It’s exactly what needs to happen in that region,” he says of the new series. “I wish I had more time right now, because I’d like to do the same thing here in Iowa. The IRA is doing a great job in the Wisconsin area, and this group looks like it is doing a great job at setting a foundation for a great series. The Springfield-Jacksonville area has always been a hotbed for sprint cars…as long as I can remember.”

It is also beneficial for a number of drivers looking for more options in Iowa. “I think it not only helps the guys in Illinois, but those in the Burlington area that have 410’s sitting around,” says TMAC. “They’ve been looking for a sprint group like this for years. I’ll do anything I can to help them. Austin and I bought our memberships last week.”

The MOWA series has undertaken a number of initiatives surrounding their series including a point fund, fan club, and its champion will also receive a ride at the Chili Bowl. “I like what they are selling,” says TMAC. “These guys are racers, and they’ve been around racing a long time. They really sound like they know what they are doing to help promote these races.”

TMAC is quick to point out the importance for both drivers and fans of grasping this opportunity. “As racers, we have a responsibility to help these people promote the shows,” he says. “Amy (Laue of 34 Raceway) and the other promoters are taking a chance with this. We need to prove to them that not only will it work, but in the future we can have higher paying shows and the promoter can still hit a home run because the butts are in the seats.”

He also notes that several 360 drivers are moving up to 410 racing. That includes the regular show at Knoxville. “Things have really come full circle with the 360’s in our area,” he says. :At Knoxville, a top notch 360 team is going to spend about as much as the top 410 teams are for a much smaller purse. I think guys are slowly starting to realize that.”

Ever the promoter, TMAC has his eyes on the future concerning a series in central Iowa. “We need to have a similar deal around here with 10-15 dates,” he says. “It would compliment the Knoxville Saturday night shows. It gives racers a reason to come to our area. If we had a few short tracks on the schedule, it would get the guy in who is not set on ‘kill’ with his horsepower.”

The benefits of such a series to Knoxville Raceway would be great. “There is no comparison to Knoxville,” says TMAC. “There is no doubt it is the greatest track in the world. They pay the best, the point fund is second to none…it’s the best. Central Pennsylvania’s purses and point funds can’t hold a candle to Knoxville, but they can race multiple nights a week, and that’s what we need around here. If we had two nights a week here, you’d see a lot of teams relocate to our area. Knoxville would be smart to kick in on the point fund of any 410 organizations in their area. It would definitely compliment their product.”

As far as sons, Austin and Carson, they are hoping to practice at Knoxville too. “Carson will be there at practice with his 305, and Austin is delivering pizzas to get his motor freshened up, and hopefully, he can make it,” says TMAC, who owns both cars. “We’re hoping that Austin can be at Burlington as well. Everyone else is out there racing…I need to get out there too.”

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Front Row Challenge/Ultimate Challenge

The 16th Annual Front Row Challenge and the 10th Annual Ultimate Challenge will be held Monday and Tuesday, August 8 and 9, 2010 at the Southern Iowa Speedway in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Order your seats NOW by calling McTwo Promotions, Inc. at 515 957-0020. Visit www.OskyChallenges.com for further details.

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John Nolin asks: It seems like the trend of going 360 racing is going away a bit in our area, and more guys are going back to 410’s. Why is that?

TMAC Answers: You look at the show at I-80 (ASCS-Midwest show April 8 and 9) and there are 45 guys there. It is $3,000 to win, but $1,000 for third. Huset’s pays $1,000 for third and $300 to start for their 410 class. Those same guys can be competitive on tracks like Huset’s and Burlington with the 410’s. Knoxville pays $600 to start. Go price a new 360. Top of the line is going to cost $40,000. That’s crazy. I think three or four motors blew at I-80. Our motor builder, Don Ott, gives us a cheat sheet. If you follow that, your motor will run darn good anywhere…and it will live a long time. I was able to run a full season at Huset’s…20 plus shows…without freshening. More has to do with the size of track you are running on than anything else when you talk about freshening a 360 or 410.

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This Month in TMAC History!

TMAC swept the opener at Knoxville on April 21, 2001, registering quick time, winning his heat from sixth and winning the feature from an invert of eight. The win was the 27th in his career at Knoxville. Dennis Moore Jr. was second, ahead of Kerry Madsen, Don Droud Jr. and Leonard Lee.

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