Wofford Wins at El Paso Speedway Park

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From El Paso Speedway Park

El Paso, TX — The west Texas wind may have been blowing, but it didn’t stop the fans as the stands filled to near capacity for the 2011 season opener at the El Paso Speedway Park with the Renegade Sprint Car Series headlining the nights racing.

With 30 laps on the Bud Light scoreboard, the Renegade Sprint Car Series went 4-wide to a packed house of screaming fans as the 27 of Cesar Fuentes was set to lead the field the drop of the green flag. Side by side the start and the battle would be for second as the 43 of Curt Barnett and the 18 of Lorne Wofford would work by the Oil Medics 77 of Colt Treharn who would come to a stop off the top of turn three; forcing the caution with only four laps complete. To the Delaware Double File Restart with the 43 of Barnett shot out of a cannon as the green flag waved, pulling the 18 of Wofford with him on the high line around the 27 of Fuentes. Setting sail on the top side, Barnett would begin putting distance over the field as the car to watch was the 19 of Wes Wofford. After starting 12th on the field, the Interstate Batteries sponsored 19 would pull into fifth while up front the elder Wofford would bolt into the race lead. Dropping to second, the 43 of Barnett would have more to deal with than traffic as the car came to a stop while running third after a seal in the wing slider gave up, allowing the top wing to jam all the way back; causing the car to become un-drivable. Up to third, the 19 of Wes Wofford lined up to the bottom of second place running Cesar Fuentes, gaining the jump but not able to hold the spot as the 27 shot back into second with 16 laps left to run. With laps clicking off, the 18 of Wofford seemed unstoppable, racing through slower traffic with ease before the caution waved for the 27 of Fuentes who spun off the top of turn two. Now in the runner up spot, it was the Wofford show with Lorne leading Wes while the 75 of Dylan Harris worked into third from the eighth starting stop. Into fourth, the 131 of Royal Jones was another big mover from the 14th starting spot after making the pass on the 21 of Brandon Schure. Back to the green with seven laps to run and Brandon Schure would start making up lost ground, shooting into third over Dylan Harris. Back to fifth, the 131 of Royal Jones would spin into the infield with a broken left rear shock but would keep rolling as the field raced by. Down to the final lap and Lorne Wofford would run unchallenged to the win with son Wes Wofford second. Brandon Schure would take third with Dylan Harris and late race charger JR Patton rounding out the top five from the 18th starting position.