Crockett Goetz Winners at Grays Harbor Raceway

From Jack Fordyce

Elma, WA — Roger Crockett of Medford, Oregon and Reese Goetz of Snohomish, Washington were the tops in their class Saturday night at Grays Harbor Raceway in Elma.

Crockett took over the lead from Rick Fauver of Everett on lap-11 of the “360 Sprints” 25-lap feature and then ran away from the rest of the field for the victory.

Goetz took just 4-laps to come from six rows back at the start to the top spot in the “Midgets” 20-lap feature and was never challenged after that.

Top Finishers

Whitney’s Auto Group “360 sprints” A Main. 1. Roger Crockett, Medford, OR. 2. Rick Fauver, Everett. 3. Jay Cole, Shelton. 4. Reese Goetz, Snohomish. 5. Mitch Olson, Puyallup. 6. Jared Peterson, Stanwood. 7. JJ Hickle, Quilcene. 8. Steve Vague, Kirkland. 9. Dan Dunlap, Renton. 10. Mike Gable, Shelton.

Heat 1. 1. Cole. 2. Peterson. 3. Goetz. 4. Olson. 5. Fauver.

Heat 2. 1. Hickle. 2. Henry VanDam, Enumclaw. 3. Crockett. 4. Tyler Anderson, Everett. 5. Vague.

Top Qualifier: Fauver. 13.272 101.718 MPH.

Triple X Racing “Midgets” A Main. 1. Reese Goetz, Snohomish. 2. Gaylon Stewart, Everett. 3. Seth Hespe, Snohomish. 4. Aeriel Biggs, Modoc, CA. 6. Zak DeBakker, Olympia. 6. Jeremy Miller, Montesano. 7. Todd Hartman, Bothell. 8. Allison Journey, Springfield, OR. 9. Garrett Thomas, McCleary. 10. Anika Johanson, Lacey.

Heat 1. 1. Goetz. 2. Stewart. 3. Hespe. 4. Journey. 5. Doug Stensgard, Aberdeen.

Heat 2. 1. Garret Johnson, Poulsbo. 2. John Wincewicz, Olympia. 3. Johanson. 4. Hartman. 5. Miller. Top Qualifier: Johnson 16.815 80.285 MPH.