Weekend Winners: April 29th – May 1st, 2011

Image courtesy of Action Photo

Wyoming, MI — Congratulations to the following drivers that picked up feature wins during the weekend of April 29th – May 1st, 2011. If you see a winner that is not listed or a correction please contact us with the proper information.

Friday April 29th, 2011

Attica Raceway Park Danny Smith
Attica Raceway Park Nate Dussell
Bloomington Speedway Brady Short
Brill’s Motor Speedway Colton Brewer
Brill’s Motor Speedway Brent Swift
Canyon Raceway Park Jeremy Sherman
Clinton County Raceway Rained Out
Dakota State Fair Speedway Rained Out
El Paso Speedway Park Lorne Wofford
Gas City I-69 Speedway Hunter Scheurenberg
Jacksonville Speedway Jim Moughan
L.A. Raceway Mitchell Moore
Manitowoc County Fair Speedway Rained Out
Ocean Speedway Mark Chaves, JR.
Path Valley Speedway Park Logan Wagner
RPM Speedway Dalton Steed
Sharon Speedway Rained Out
Silver Dollar Speedway Sean Becker
Silver Dollar Speedway Brian Southers
Skyline Speedway Rained Out
Spartan Speedway Tommy Fedewa
Thunderbird Raceway Whit Gastineau
Trail-Way Speedway Aaron Spahr
Valley Speedway Brett Anderson
Williams Grove Speedway Steve Buckwalter
Williams Grove Speedway Steve Buckwalter

Saturday April 30th, 2011

34 Raceway Ryan Jamison
81 Speedway Mike Peters
Antioch Speedway Dave Press
Arlington Raceway Rained Out
Auto City Speedway Aaron Pierce
Battleground Speedway Jason Johnson
Beaver Dam Raceway Mike Kerscher
Bridgeport Speedway Christopher Allen, Jr.
Brisbane International Speedway Rained Out
Butler Motor Speedway Chad Blonde
Can-Am Motorsports Park Alain Bergeron
Canyon Raceway Park Jeremy Sherman
Cedar Lake Speedway Rained Out
Cedar Lake Speedway Rained Out
Colorado National Speedway Rained Out
Columbus Motor Speedway Ryan Gillenwater
Cottage Grove Speedway Kyle Miller
Cowtown Speedway Gary Taylor
Creek County Speedway Brian McClelland
Creek County Speedway Waylon Weaver
Crystal Motor Speedway Dustin Daggett
Delaware International Speedway Kramer Williamson
Dillon Motor Speedway Nick Drake
Eagle Raceway Jack Dover
Eldora Speedway Matt Westfall
Ephrata Raceway Park
Fonda Speedway Danny Varin
Fremont Speedway Bryan Sebetto
Fremont Speedway Dean Jacobs
Grays Harbor Raceway Roger Crockett
Grays Harbor Raceway Reese Goetz
I-90 Speedway Tommy Barber
K-C Raceway Danny Smith
Kennedale Speedway Park Raven Culp
Kihikihi Speedway
Knoxville Raceway Danny Lasoski
Knoxville Raceway Russ Hall
Knoxville Raceway Austin McCarl
Lake Ozark Speedway Jonathan Cornell
Lawton Speedway Kyle Ezell
Lincoln Park Speedway Casey Shuman
Lincoln Speedway Cory Haas
Lincoln Speedway Adrian Shaffer
Lincoln Speedway Joey Allen
Lucas Oil Speedway Brad Loyet
Madras Speedway
Marysville Raceway Park Willie Croft
Mercer Raceway Park Jason Dolick
Mercer Raceway Park Gun Griffin
Natrual Bridge Speedway Brian Morgan
Paragon Speedway Rained Out
Parramatta City Raceway Michael Pickens
Placerville Speedway Sean Becker
Prescott Valley Raceway Bryan Swinehart
Port Royal Speedway Greg Hodnett
Rattlesnake Raceway
Redline Speedway
Riverside International Speedway Rained Out
Riverside International Speedway Rained Out
Rocky Mountain Raceways Rained Out
Selinsgrove Speedway Pat Cannon
Sheboygan County Fair Speedway Rained Out
Skagit Speedway Jayme Barnes
Skagit Speedway Devin Mandonia
Skagit Speedway Derek Roberts
St. Francois County Raceway Rained Out
Thunderbowl Raceway Peter Murphy
Thunderbowl Raceway Tommy Tarlton
Tri-State Speedway Sammy Swindell
Ventura Raceway Rob Kershaw
Ventura Raceway Brian Camarillo
Volusia Speedway Park Canceled
Williams Grove Speedway Paul Miller

Sunday May 1st, 2011

Brisbane International Speedway Bryan Mann
Kokomo Speedway Rained Out
Merced Speedway Jimmy Sills
Millstream Speedway Rained Out