Neitzel victorious on Opening Night for EWSC

From MSA

May 6th, 2011, Manitowoc, WI. – With Mother Nature finally giving the Lakeshore area a break from the wet stuff, EWSC rolled out its opening night line-up. Area scouts were honored with scouts and their leaders in uniform receiving free admission.

The EWSC 360 Sprintcar A Main was pushed onto the track with a front row of Brandon McMullen (Plymouth) and Danny Schlafer (Sussex). The race was slowed before it actually got under way due to a false start on the front row. The second time was a charm though as the field flew into Turn 1 under green with drivers using all three grooves. Jeremy Schultz (Beaver Dam) made a huge move on to lead the first lap. With several quick passes, Scotty Neitzel (Beaver Dam) leaped from 8th starting position to 2nd by Lap 2. The first caution was displayed on Lap 7 when the car of Scott Mohs (Sheboygan Falls) died on the front stretch, but was quickly started to rejoin the fray. On the restart it was Schultz followed by Neitzel, Doug Wondra (Oakfield), Ben Schmidt (Howards Grove), and McMullen. On Lap 11, a twisting flip by Lance Fassbender (Burnett) brought out the red flag and a halt to the action. The top five at the restart were Neitzel, Schultz, Schmidt, Tim Haddy (Waupan) and Pete Ostrowski (East Troy). Three quick cautions at Laps 20, 23, & 24 would slow the action, with the top five waging serious battles at the front of the pack. Coming under the checkered flag for the win was Neitzel, followed by Doug Wondra, Schmidt, Al Schlafer (Sussex), Schultz, Haddy, McMullen, Robbie Pribnow (Mayville), Tony Wondra (Campbellsport), and Scotty Thiel (Sheboygan). Big movers for the race were Haddy picking up 12 positions, Justin Miller (Plymouth) picking up 9, and Neitzel, Pribnow, and Thiel with 7 each.

Transferring in from the 360 B Main were Thiel, Haddy, Elliot Kulow (Elkhart Lake), Randy Brunette (Chilton), Meyer, and Scott Conger (Eagle)
HEAT 1 1, Scott Mohs. 2, Jeremy Schultz. 3, Al Schlafer. 4, Lance Fassbender. 5, Robbie Pribnow. 6, TJ Luedke. 7, Tim Haddy. 8, Don Kiel. 9, Randy Brunette.
HEAT 2 1, Tony Wondra. 2, Ben Schmidt. 3, Shane Wenninger. 4, Danny Schlafer. 5, Brian Portschy. 6, Scotty Thiel. 7, Justin Miller. 8, Eliot Kulow. 9, Kyle Marten.
HEAT 3 1, Scotty Neitzel. 2, Doug Wondra. 3, Brandon McMullen. 4, Paul Pokorski. 5, Pete Ostrowski. 6, Keith Breunsbach. 7, Jeff Wilke. 8, Scott Conger.
B FEATURE 1, Scotty Thiel. 2, Tim Haddy. 3, Eliot Kulow. 4, Randy Brunette. 5, Justin Miller. 6, Scott Conger. 7, Keith Breunsbach. 8, Kyle Marten. (DNS).9, Don Kiel. (DNS).10, Jeff Wilke. (DNS).
A FEATURE 1, Scotty Neitzel. 2, Doug Wondra. 3, Ben Schmidt. 4, Al Schlafer. 5, Jeremy Schultz. 6, Tim Haddy. 7, Brandon McMullen. 8, Robbie Pribnow. 9, Tony Wondra. 10, Scotty Thiel. 11, Brian Portschy. 12, Justin Miller. 13, Randy Brunette. 14, Scott Mohs. 15, Shane Wenninger. 16, TJ Luedke. 17, Pete Ostrowski. 18, Paul Pokorski. 19, Lance Fassbender. 20, Scott Conger. 21, Eliot Kulow. 22, Danny Schlafer.