Wofford Wins at Southern New Mexico Speedway

snms Southern New Mexico Speedway
snms Southern New Mexico Speedway

Las Cruces, NM – (May 14, 2011) – A night of giving as cases of water, food, and toiletry items poured into the Speedway to help the victims of Tornadoes in Alabama. Rewarded with half price admission, the fans would be treated to the Renegade Sprint Car Series.

In their first appearance of the regular season at the Southern New Mexico Speedway, the Renegade Sprint Car Series took the track with 20 cars and the 9 of Robert Herrera earning the pole position. After a perfect 4-wide salute to the fans, the field lined up for thirty laps of racing as Herrera took full advantage of the pole, but would have to do it again as the 27 of Cesar Fuentes spun, collecting the 18 of Lorne Wofford. A complete restart would see the 9 again take off into the top spot as the 19 of Wes Wofford muscled his way into second over the 131 of Royal Jones who got a full view of Kyle McCutcheon’s top win after the 5 biked his car onto the right front due to contact with Jones’ 131. Able to keep the car from flipping, but not able to make it off the track due to a flat tire, the field would restart with 28 laps to go. Taking over the top spot before the caution, the 19 of Wes Wofford would take off as the green waved but the car on the move was the 27 of Cesar Fuentes. After having to go to the rear of the field on the opening lap, it was less than 10 laps before the 27 was fighting for a spot in the top five. Also charging thought the field, the 8 of John Carney II would battle with Fuentes for forth as Jones and Herrera continued their battle for second. Back and forth, the pair of battle would finally see the 8 of Carney II take over third, leaving the 27 of Fuentes to contend with the 148 Don Grable and the 7c of John Carney. From the 20th starting position, the 7c would work into the top five. In slower traffic, Royal Jones would run down the 19 of Wofford but a caution for the spun 1m of Dylan Harris would bring things back to a crawl. On the restart, Wofford would again bolt away from the field as the 8 of Carney fought into second with 4 laps to run. Inching closer and closer, a finally caution for Fuentes would end his night early and set up for a fight to the finish that would belong to Wes Wofford; holding off the last lap charge of John Carney II who took second. John Carney Sr., Don Grable, and Royal Jones rounded out the top five.

Renegade Sprint Car Series

1st-Wes Wofford-18

2nd -John Carney II-8

3rd -John Carney-7C

4th -Don Grable-148

5th -Royal Jones-131

6th -Robert Herrera-9

7th -JR Patton-86

8th -Curt Barnett-43

9th -Anton Salopek-6U

10th -Kyle McCutcheon-5

11th-Treham Colt-77

12th-Derek DeMartino-45X

13th-Chuck Jackson-99

14th-Lamar Skarda-$.25

15th-Tyler Jackson-2

16th-Brandon Schure-21TX

17th-Joe Alvarado-36

18th-Cesar Fuentes-27

19th-Dylan Harris-1M

20th-Lorne Wofford-18