Westfall Wins Makeup Feature before rains hit Waynesfield

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Waynesfield Raceway park Logo

By Gerry Keysor

Mother Nature continued her relentless assault on racing at Waynesfield Raceway Park last Saturday June 4th, but not before the makeup features for the S&H Nerfs Non Wing Sprint Cars, and PPC 1000cc Mini Sprints could be completed.

The PPC 1000cc Mini Sprints took to the track first in their make up A Main feature from the rain-abbreviated May 21st program. #50 Craig Stower and #47 Garry Loney led the field down to the green flag, with Loney and teammate #44 Ron Coleman jumping out front early on the smooth Waynesfield clay. Action would be halted on lap 2 when Stower spun exiting turn 2, collecting the #00 of Michael Helterbran. Loney and Coleman would take off as the race resumed, but caution would wave once again as the 50 of Stower disappeared over the turn 2 berm and down the hill. Stower was able to get his car to the pit area safely, and would not rejoin the field. As the green waved again on lap 4, the field would begin to dice as Loney pulled out to a big lead. Coleman began to fade slightly as the #7r of Nick Daugherty and the #23 of Devon Dobie began their charge to the front of the field. As the laps wound down, Daugherty would begin to close on the leader, but time would run out as Loney, the 2009 Waynesfield Mini Sprint champion would pick up the win on graduation weekend. In addition to the feature winner share of the purse, Loney also received a $150 bonus thanks to the Chattan Loch Bistro and Public House in Bellefontaine, Ohio. #7r Nick Daugherty would finish 2nd, #23 Devon Dobie 3rd, with #55 Rob Winks 4th, and #22b Brad Racer rounding out the top 5.

Next up would be the S&H Nerfs Non Wing Sprints makeup A Main feature from May 21st. AS the green flag flew, #25 Landon Simon, and #18 Todd Keen got on the gas just a little early, prompting the yellow flag and complete restart. When the green flew on the second attempt, #22s Matt Westfall, and #34 Luke Hall jumped to the high side of turns 1 and 2 and set sail. Westfall, the 2010 Non Wing Sprint Car track champion, demonstrated the skills that earned him that championship, powering out to a straightaway lead, and dicing through lapped traffic with ease. The only thing that could slow Westfall’s dominance were 2 cautions, one on lap 13 for the 43g of Rob Guy coming to a stop in turn 4, and another on lap 17 for the #37k of Kyle Conaway, and #21h Tyler Hewitt spinning in the middle of turns 3&4. Westfall would pull away again on the final restart to pick up the checkered flag in the Simon Racing, Mark Knupp Tire, Izzy’s Drive Thru #22s. #34 Luke Hall would finish 2nd after withstanding a late charge from the 3rd place finisher #42G Steve Irwin. #23s Kyle Simon would finish 4th and #18 Todd Keen completed the top 5.

Heat races began for the regularly scheduled program with the Block Thunder Stock Cars, and Dave’s Reliable Motors Tough Trucks getting their prelims in before the rains came, resulting in a complete rainout of the June 4th regular show. All Tickets and Wristbands will be honored at any regular show in 2011.

Waynesfield Raceway Park returns to action next Saturday, June 11th with our regular program, featuring the S&H Nerfs Non Wing Sprint Cars, Post Agri Service UMP Modifieds, Performance Powder Coating 1000cc Mini Sprints, Dave’s Reliable Motors Tough Trucks, Block Thunder Stock Cars, and JR and Sons Service Center Compacts. In addition to the regular program, Double Features will be ran for the Block Thunder Stock Cars, and JR and Sons Service Center Compacts. It’s also DARF Night at Waynesfield, with all DARF members receiving FREE general admission with your DARF membership card and proper ID. Visit http://www.darfnews.com for information on joining DARF. Pit gates will open at 4PM, Grandstand gates open at 5PM, and racing will start at 7PM. General admission for ages 16 and up is $12, ages 11 to 15 is $6, and kids 10 and under get in FREE. Pit passes for all ages $25. We hope to see you this Saturday night for a great night of racing at Waynesfield Raceway Park.

Waynesfield Raceway Park – 6/4/11

Makeup features from May 21, 2011 were completed prior to the regular show being rained out.

B-Main (Ran on June 4, 2011) – (12 Laps – Top 6 finishers transfer to the A-feature)

1. 2H-Dallas Hewitt[11] ; 2. 63D-Jim Dues[4] ; 3. 9N-Jon Nelson[9] ; 4. 43G-Rob Guy[7] ; 5. 97-Devon Dobie[5] ; 6. 31-Chuck Wilson[6] ; 7. 42-Rick Horne[2] ; 8. 32M-Derek Hastings[10] ; 9. 7-Tim Calicoat[1] ; 10. 18B-Tim Fox[8]

A-Main (Ran on June 4, 2011) – (20 Laps)

1. 22S-Matt Westfall[4]; 2. 34-Luke Hall[6]; 3. 42G-Steve Irwin[8]; 4. 23S-Kyle Simon[3]; 5. 18K-Todd Keen[2]; 6. 2M-Tom Rhoades[7]; 7. 2H-Dallas Hewitt[13]; 8. 82-Mike Miller[16]; 9. 14-Chad Wilson[12]; 10. 63H-Huston Hewitt[5]; 11. 37K-Kyle Conaway[11]; 12. 48-Tommy Kerce[9]; 13. 31-Chuck Wilson[19]; 14. 63D-Jim Dues[18]; 15. OOI-Joey Irwin[10]; 16. 25-Landon Simon[1]; 17. 21H-Tyler Hewitt[14]; 18. 43G-Rob Guy[20]; 19. 9N-Jon Nelson[15]; 20. 97-Devon Dobie[17]

Hard Charger: 82-Mike Miller[+8]

** Notes: #15 Brandon Ferguson, and #1h Kevin Hawk did not return for Makeup feature, so top 6 transfered from B Main.