ad supershox

From Brian Goscinski

Now that the racing season is in full swing racers all across the country are feeling the Super Shox difference and it shows not only with fast times and heat races wins but also main event wins as well.

From pavement to dirt, micro to 305 and 360 cars to 410’s with or without wings you can find winners with Super Shox ( ). Super Shox are hand assembled with precision and attention to detail then dyno tested to ensure accuracy and quality. By manufacturing all of our parts in house we are able to have complete control over the design and machining process. This helps to ensure a quality build when the shocks are assembled and rebuilt.

When you call Super Shox you are talking to the experts who know exactly how your shocks are made from start to finish and also how to help you get the most out of your shocks at the track. Super Shox have been building gas shocks for sprint cars since 1997 and have amassed hundreds of wins, championships and victories in many of the most prestigious micro, sprint car and midget races.

At Super Shox we take great pride in developing and building shocks that give the customer an advantage and incredible value for their dollar. In today’s economy money has to be spent wisely and that is why we make quality and customer service a priority at Super Shox. With every set of Super Shox there is a manual to help the racers get the right shocks on the car for various track conditions. Super Shox are also backed by a lifetime vavling guarantee!

To find out how Super Shox can benifit your race team log on to or give us a call at 847-548-SHOX (7469) you can also send a e-mail to and keep up to date on all the current news with twitter and facebook.