shane stewart
shane stewart

From Kelly Hart

Skagit, WA — (June 17, 2011) — Shane Stewart is making a habit of winning races at ASA member track Skagit Speedway. No surprise since he wins a lot of races at a lot of tracks around the country. Stewart won for the second straight night after Trey Starks blew a motor while leading at lap 24. Stewart also winds up being the high point car after two nights of racing. The top six heading into the final night of the 40th Annual Jim Raper Memorial Dirt Cup is Stewart, Jonathan Allard, Ian Madsen, Tim Kaeding, Jac Haudenschild and Willie Croft.

Jayme Barnes, Sam Hafertepe Jr., Stewart, Starks and Jason Solwold won the heat races. And Madsen set fast time at 11.100.

In the companion Outlaw Hornet main event Ben Gunderson led the entire 17 laps over Freddy Vela.

Fast time: Ian Madsen 11.100
Heat 1: Jayme Barnes, Jac Haudenschild, Madsen, Marc Duperron, Rico Abreu
Heat 2: Sam Hafertepe Jr, Eric Fisher, Cory Eliason, Willie Croft, Chad Hillier
Heat 3: Shane Stewart, Tim Kaeding, Josh DeWitt, Seth Bergman, Danielle Huson
Heat 4: Trey Starks, Tommy Tarlton, Travis Jacobson, Toni Lutar, Jesse Whitney
Heat 5: Jason Solwold, Jonathan Allard, Austen Wheatley, Colton Heath, Peter Murphy
C Main -12 laps/top two transfer: Dean Brindle, Jason Scott, Daniel Anderson, Chris Schmelzle, Kelleigh Johnson, Otto Jorgenson, Clayton Sibley
B Main � 15 laps/top 7 transfer: Chad Hillier, Marc Duperron, Colton Heath, Willie Croft, Barry Martinez, Jason Statler, Jesse Whitney, Danielle Huson, Rick Ziehl, Rico Abreu, Rick Fauver, Dean Brindle, Kevin Smith, Jason Scott, Toni Lutar, Seth Bergman, Peter Murphy
A Main � 30 laps: Shane Stewart, Jac Haudenschild, Sam Hafertepe, Tim Kaeding, Jonathan Allard, Cory Eliason, Travis Jacobson, Josh DeWitt, Brent Kaeding, Eric Fisher, Ian Madsen, Colton Heath, Willie Croft, Chad Hillier, Jayme Barnes, Jason Statler, Marc Duperron, Barry Martinez, Trey Starks, Jason Solwold, Tommy Tarlton, Austen Wheatley

Outlaw Hornets
Heat 1: Ben Gunderson, Jon Edwards, Matt Ploeg, Travis Meins, JD Dryden
Heat 2: Freddy Vela, Rick Young, Matt Powers, Marshall Corbell, James Bundy
Main: Ben Gunderson, Freddy Vela, Matt Ploeg, Howard Vos, Jon Edwards, JD Dryden, Adam Nelson, Cliff Ballenger, Terry Graul, TJ Campbell, Dave Erlandson, James Bundy, Rick Young, Clint Meins, Marshall Corbell, Mikey Powers

1 Stewart 1093
2 Allard 1074
3 Madsen 1057
4 T. Kaeding 1048
5 Haudenschild 1046
6 Croft 1038
7 Heath 1037
8 Hafertepe, Jr. 1033
9 Jacobson 1031
10 DeWitt 1029
11 Fisher 1024
12 Barnes 1011
13 Tarlton 1003
14 Hillier 992
15 Starks 991
16 Whitney 991
17 Murphy 957
18 Lutar 940
19 B. Kaeding 937
20 Duperron 935
21 Eliason 933
22 Solwold 928
23 Wheatley 928
24 Martinez 927
25 Statler 922
26 Huson 921
27 Bergman 921
28 Fauver 903
29 Smith 868
30 Abreu 866
31 Ziehl 859
32 Brindle 826
33 Scott 812
34 Jorgenson 791
35 Anderson 780
36 Schmelzle 778
37 Johnson 777
38 Sibley 765
39 Crockett 455
40 Rilat 421
41 Covert 414