Walker and Perigo Win at Port Royal

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Port Royal, PA — (June 18, 2011) — Tyler Walker became the eighth winner in as many sprint car races at Port Royal Speedway Saturday night, outrunning one-time winner Justin Henderson for the checkers.  Walker’s third career win at the speedplant was worth $3,000.


In the 20-lap AB Auto Glass late model feature, Three Springs driver Matt Parks backed up his win of a week ago in the Late Model Speedweek event by scoring yet another main while Carmen Perigo Jr. of Stoystown claimed the 20-lap super sportsman feature.  Jason Zook won the 20-lap enduro dash.


The speedway played host to 26 special guests throughout the night, visiting from the VA Hospital in Lebanon.  The veterans got a personal tour of the pit area and visits with various drivers before being escorted to their seats.  A special parade lap was performed by the sprint car drivers prior to the feature as a salute to the VA visitors.


In the 25-lap Aumiller’s Insurance 410 sprint main, Walker drew the second starting position and set sail when the green flag waved, turning in breathtaking speeds during his run at the front.


His pace was hampered four times during the first five laps with Henderson driving underneath the leader on each restart but once he got into a rhythm there was no denying the Los Angeles, California pilot.


“We finally got the monkey off our back two weeks ago,” Walker said, noting that he and his No. 17 Keen team feel like they’ve finally found what it takes to put the car at the front.


Henderson settled for second followed by Steve Buckwalter, Rick Lafferty and Curt Stroup.


The balance of the top 10 went to Lance Dewease, Mike Erdley, Mike Wagner, Davey Sammons and Cliff Brian.


Heats went to Lafferty, Henderson and Walker.


Parks started on the pole of the late model main and found Mitch Hack challenging in second by the time the second circuit was scored.


With six laps down, Hack put his white No. 7 racer alongside Parks’ black No. 15 and that seemed to wake Parks up as from that point on Parks drove unchallenged to the victory despite a pair of restarts with 15 and 17 laps down.


Hack was second with Scott Haus third, Tim Wilson fourth and Tim Fedder in fifth.


Sixth through 10th went to Bob Dunn, Gary Beward, Sam Schaffer, Mike Romig and Waylon Wagner.


Heats fell to Parks, Romig and Haus.


Perigo started the Walt Bigler No. 93 from the eighth position in the super sportsman main and watched for half the race as Jim Shuster led early before giving way to Scott Geesey with six away.


But by the halfway point Perigo put his mount on the cushion in a drive for the lead that proved productive with nine laps left when he went out in front before pulling away to a popular win.


“I can cross this off my bucket list now,” Perigo said, noting that he was thrilled to win for the first time ever at Port Royal.


“I watched Tyler Walker and I’ve seen a lot of races won here on the cushion.”


Geesey was second followed by Dave Socks, Rick Barr and Frankie Herr.


Heats went to Shuster, Mike Enders and Eric Walker.


Jason Zook took the lead from Jen Powell with four to go in the 20-lap enduro dash to pick up the victory.


Feature Finishes: June 18, 2011 –

410 sprints, 25 laps: 1. Tyler Walker, 2. Justin Henderson, 3. Steve Buckwalter, 4. Rick Lafferty, 5. Curt Stroup, 6. Lance Dewease, 7. Mike Erdley, 8. Mike Wagner, 9. Davey Sammons, 10. Cliff Brian, 11. Keith Kauffman , 12. Ryan Taylor, 13. Mike Walter Sr., 14. Jack Thornton, 15. Brian Ehrenzeller, 16. Duane Troutman, 17. Bill Jones Jr., 18. Nicole Bower, 19. John Brennfleck, 20. Jim Campbell Jr., 21. Dylan Cisney, 22. Chad Layton

late models sprints, 20 laps: 1. Matt Parks, 2. Mitch Hack, 3. Scott Haus, 4. Tim Wilson, 5. Tim Fedder, 6. Bob Dunn, 7. Gary Beward, 8. Sam Schaffer, 9. Mike Romig, 10. Waylon Wagner, 11. Mike Lupfer, 12. Andy Haus, 13. Scoff Flickinger, 14. Terry Naugle, 15. Bryon Sipe, 16. Eric Zembower, 17. Patrick Bryner, 18. Jason Miller, 19. Corey Kepner, 20. Tim Gray, 21. Chris Shuey

super sportsman, 20 laps: 1. Carmen Perigo Jr., 2. Scott Geesey, 3. Dave Socks, 4. Rick Barr, 5. Frankie Herr, 6. Scott Dellinger, 7. Rich Eichelberger, 8. Eric Walker, 9. Mike Enders, 10. Russ Mitten, 11. Bobby Hockenberry, 12. Jay Fannasy, 13. Chris Meleason, 14. Steve Wilbur, 15. Dave Berkheimer, 16. Jim Shuster, 17. Cody Fairchok, 18. Jason Fry, 19. Tom Wyckoff, 20. John Wolfe, 21. John Garman, 22. Gary Johnston, 23. Stan Wanner, 24. Eric Eckert

enduro dash, 20 laps: 1. Jason Zook, 2. Jen Powell, 3. Brady Caufmann, 4. Mike Goodwin, 5. Rich Adair, 6. Craig Imes, 7. Jan Powell, 8. Ryan Renninger, 9. Trent Brenneman, 10. Scott Hopple, 11. Darren Henry, 12. Rusty Hoyer, 13. John Goshorn, 14. Devin Hart, 15. Bill Powell