From Dave Harclerode

BEDFORD, PA — (June 26, 2011) — The Pennsylvania Sprint Speedweek Series made it’s second stop of the week at Bedford Sunday night and Daryn Pittman took his first ever win at the historic oval. The evening didn’t start off the best for Daryn. After posting the third quickest time of the night on his first lap of time trials, his right front wheel came off in turn three of his second lap, sending his racer into the outside wall before laying over on it’s side. The redraw put Pittman on the pole for the feature, and his crew made all the necessary repairs to get him out for race time. Fred Rahmer set fast time and a new one lap track record during time trials for the 29 car field, as many cars were measured at 135 mph on the backstretch with a hand held radar gun. Lance Dewease, Curt Stroup, and Keith Kauffman won the qualifying heats, with Sam Hafertepe, Jr. winning the b-main.

In the feature, it was all Pittman. Daryn pulled out to a comfortable lead immediately ahead of Rahmer and Stevie Smith. Smith blew a tire and retired for the evening on lap 14, putting Jason Johnson in the third slot. Johnson overtook Rahmer for second with six to go, and Greg Hodnett took fourth from Rahmer on the following lap. With just four laps to go, Johnson’s racer slowed bringing out the caution for only the second time of the event. On the restart, Pittman resumed command with Hodnett on his heels and Rahmer and Brian Leppo battling for the third spot. At the checkered it was Pittman, Hodnett, Leppo, Rahmer, and Justin Henderson. Sixth through tenth went to Tyler Walker, Brian Montieth, Davey Sammons, Lance Dewease, and Danny Dietrich.

In 4 Cylinder action, Andrew Pluta and Mike Lauffer battled side by side for much of the race with Pluta leading each lap until the final one. Mechanical issues slowed Pluta coming out of turn two for the final time and Lauffer took advantage and the win. Following Lauffer at the line was Phil Best, Pluta, Ronnie Valentine, and Cindy Rhodes. Pluta and Louis Orris won the heats.


FEATURE (30 laps): 1. 27 Daryn Pittman 2. 39 Greg Hodnett 3. 71 Brian Leppo 4. 51 Fred Rahmer 5. 35 Justin Henderson 6. 17 Tyler Walker 7. 21 Brian Montieth 8. 747 Davey Sammons 9. 30c Lance Dewease 10. 48 Danny Dietrich 11. 7 Chad Layton 12. 7m Mark Smith 13. 19m Brent Marks 14. 87 Alan Krimes 15. 93 Sam Hafertepe, Jr. 16. 55 Mike Wagner 17. 16 Cliff Brian 18. 44 Frank Cozze 19. 41 Jason Johnson (DNF) 20. 26 Curt Stroup (DNF) 21. 8h Keith Kauffman (DNF) 22. 1 Stevie Smith (DNF) 23. 77 Aaron Ott (DNF) 24. 6 Brad McClelland (DNF)
DNS: 26c Pat Cooper, 55z Mark Zimmerman, 12w Troy Fraker, 30 Daryl Stimeling, 33 Scott Lutz

HEAT 1: Dewease, Montieth, Hodnett
HEAT 2: Stroup, Sammons, Layton
HEAT 3: Kauffman, Dietrich, Walker

CONSI: Hafertepe, Wagner, Krimes


FEATURE: 1 38 Mike Lauffer 2. 11 Phil Best 3. 88 Andrew Pluta 4. 8R Ronnie Valentine 5. 75 Cindy Rhodes 6. 12 Steve Frederick 7. 68 Louis Orris 8. 9T Troy Imler 9. 5w Garrett Watkins 10. 1 Lonnie Snyder (DNF) 11. 21 Davey Lambert (DNF) 12. 98 Jon Gephart (DNF)

HEAT 1: Pluta, Gephart, Valentine
HEAT 2: Orris, Lambert, Lauffer