A look at the Canadian Sprint Car Nationals Affiliate Sanctioning Bodies

Engine Pro ASCS Sprints on Dirt presnted by ARP
Established: 1980
Primary Geographical Region: Michigan, Ohio, and Ontario
Background: The ASCS SOD series began in 1980 as an all dirt 410 sprint car series. In 1989 the series evolved into a mix of dirt and pavement racing. Then a major change took place in 1997 when the series changed to 360 sprint car engines and returned their roots with an all dirt schedule. The series began campaigning under the banner of the American Sprint Car Series in 2006.
Current Point Leader: Dustin Daggett
Website: http://www.ascsracing.com and http://www.sprintsondirt.com

Ohsweken Speedway Corr/Pak Sprint Cars
Established: 2008
Primary Geographical Region: Ohsweken Speedway
Background: After hosting only touring events the growth of the Canadian Sprint Car Nationals and sprint car racing in general at Ohsweken Speedway sparked the formation of their own weekly sprint car program. In the fourth season of competition the Corr/Pak sprint cars feature top equipment and drivers every Friday night at the Ohsweken Speedway. During the Nationals the Ohsweken regulars will be looking to defend their home turf against a myriad of invaders.
2011 Track Champion: Jim Huppunen
Website: http://www.ohswekenspeedway.com

2011 ESS Empire Super Sprints

Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints
Established: 1983
Primary Geographical Region: New York, Ontario, Quebec
Background: This long standing sprint car group evolved from the east coast tradition of sprint cars with small top win with no nose wings.  In 1987 ESS moved to the standard 25 square foot top wing and nose wing and later on in the 90’s to the standard ASCS Sprint Car engine format seen throughout the country today.
Current Point Leader: Chuck Hebing
Website: http://www.empiresupersprints.com

NRA National Racing Alliance

National Racing Alliance Sprint Invaders
Established: 2001
Primary Geographical Region: Ohio and Indiana
Background: The NRA Sprint Invaders primarily race at Limaland Motorsports Park with trips to Eldora Speedway and several other venues in Ohio and Indiana. The NRA has the destination racing in front of the largest crowd to see a 360 sprint car race as the under card for the Kings Royal.
2011 NRA Champion: Randy Hannagan
Website: http://www.nrainvaders.com

Patriot Sprint Tour

Patriot Sprint Tour
Established: 2003
Primary Geographical Region: New York, Pennsylvania, and Ontario
Background: Established as a weekly sprint car series at that Black Rock Speedway the Patriot series evolved into its own tour. The Patriot tour is still one of the up and coming series on the East Coast and has been very innovative in fan interaction and race format. The Patriot tour is coming off their first independent season in several years after being under the banner of the American Sprint Car Series.
Current Point Leader: Jared Zimbardi
Website: http://www.patriotsprinttour.com

SOS Southern Ontario Sprints Logo

Southern Ontario Sprints
Established in 1996
Primary Geographical Region: Ontario, Canada
Background: The first organized sprint car series in Ontario, SOS is largely responsible for the early surge in the popularity of sprint car races in the region.
2011 Champion: Lee Ladouceur
Website: http://www.southernontariosprints.com