Brian Brown – Tulare Tear-Offs!

By Bill W

March 19, 2012 – Two nights with the World of Outlaws at the Thunderbowl Raceway in Tulare, California became one last weekend when rains canceled Saturday’s finale. Brian Brown finished twelfth in Friday’s prelim, and is looking forward to this weekend’s Mini-Gold Cup at the Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico.

Things started well for the Brian Brown Racing Casey’s General Stores/FVP #21 team. “We were really excited about going into Tulare,” says Brian. “We had heard a lot about how racy a place it was. It is always good to get to new tracks. We were good from the get go. We were seventh fastest in hot laps, and then we qualified sixth quick.”

With the top two finishers in each heat transferring to the dash, starting inside the second row can be a tough spot. “In the Outlaws format, with three heats, that is not where you want to be,” says Brian. “It’s an easier path to the dash if you are in the top four, or seventh through twelfth. We started third in our heat, and just kind of ran behind (Craig) Dollansky (finishing fourth).”

With a starting spot outside row six on a heavy track, Brian was thinking about just seeing where he was going. “As the laps went on, the track just kept getting stickier and stickier and stickier,” he says. “I knew the biggest issue in the feature would be just getting enough tear-offs on to make it to the end. I think we went through nineteen in the heat race.”

One of Brian’s partners came in handy. “Thank goodness they make Racing Optics (tear-offs) and they are a partner of ours,” he says. “I put forty on for the feature. I think we had a red flag on the twelfth or thirteenth lap, and I had eight or nine left at that point.”

Brian maintained to a twelfth place finish. “It was tough in the middle of traffic,” he says. “Unless you were Tim Kaeding, everyone was running about the same speed. We started twelfth and finished twelfth. After seeing some guys get torn up, you are happy to get out of there with the car in one piece and move on to Chico.”

The team is gearing up for the Mini-Gold Cup Friday and Saturday. “All these places, we’ve never been,” says Brian. “I’ve watched a lot of video from Chico. I’m sure it will be pretty sticky and we’ve been pretty decent on those tracks this year. We just need to get our car working good. I hear they’ve taken some bank out too. It will be interesting to see how that affects the guys who have been there before.”

Brian will be running with the Outlaws two more weeks in California. “We’re really enjoying ourselves racing with the Outlaws,” he says. “We’re working hard, and I think that’s going to show when we get back around home. We’ve got some FVP folks coming on Saturday and it will be good to get with them. That’s one of the reasons we’re out here. We’re going up to Kaeding Performance this week. We’ll work up there. They are a good supporter of ours, and I’m looking forward to checking out their place too.”

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Brian’s Q&A

Adrian Wood asks: What do you think of the new Friday format at the Nationals?

Brian answers: I think it’s great. It’s kind of what is needed. They’ve tried several things over the last few years on Friday to get the fans excited, and nothing has been great. As a racer, it’s good. If something happens, and you don’t have a good qualifying night, you have an opportunity to start 17th in the A. I think it will be good for the fans and racers. I think you’ll see exciting changes like this with Toby (Kruse), John (McCoy) and Brian (Stickel) at Knoxville.

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Brown’s Bits

Brian opened up the 2009 season with a win at the Springfield Speedway in Springfield, Missouri. It was Brian’s first triumph ever in the month of March. Josh Fisher was second in the event, ahead of Derek Hagar, Toby Brown and Sean McClelland.

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