Newlin wins first in 305 Sprints

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By Rob Keller

Over the off-season the Newlin family racing operation decided to switch from 600cc Micro Sprints to the PA Sprint Series 305 Sprints. Lance Newlin has adapted to driving the bigger cars quickly, and now has a victory in only his eighth start.

Lance Newlin was making only his eighth start in the PA Sprint Series 305 Sprint cars. Newlin started on the pole, beat veteran Randy Kaylor to turn one, and then drove an error-free race, leading all twenty-laps for his first win in this division. Eric Parker stayed close early, but struggled the last ten laps and just held off Mark Watkins for second. Logan Wagner and Tyler Bear were right behind Watkins, finishing fourth and fifth. Watkins and Bear won the heat races.

305 Sprint: 1.Lance Newlin (Millerstown, PA), 2.Eric Parker, 3.Mark Watkins, 4.Logan Wagner, 5.Tyler Bear, 6.Keith McIntyre, 7.Paul Snyder, 8.Tyler Reeser, 9.Alex Schanz, 10.Tim Dietz, 11.Randy Kaylor, 12.Eric Mathiot
Lap Leaders: Lance Newlin (1-20)
Heats: Mark Watkins, Tyler Bear