Rauch Sweeps El Paso County Fair

By Don Holbrook

Calhan, CO. – Keith Rauch driving the IMM, Peterson Fluid Systems, Petauro Racing Spike/

Mopar swept away the dust Saturday night at the El Paso County Fairgrounds in Calhan, CO.

With Chris Sheil on the pole and Keith Rauch on the outside, led the “Mighty Midgets” field to

start the 20 laps A Feature into turn one, with Rauch taking the lead after the first lap on a dry

slick, dusty track. Rauch led the pack through two caution periods. The real battle on the track

was between Sheil and point’s leader Chris DeShon for the runner up spot. DeShon challenged

Sheil several times in the feature but with no success.

When it was all over, it was Rauch, Sheil, DeShon, Bob Harr and Tony Rossi rounding out the

top five positions.

Heat Race winners were Chris Sheil and Keith Rauch.

Next races will be this coming weekend on Friday night at Phillips County Raceway Park in

Holyoke and on Saturday at I-76 Speedway in Ft. Morgan, CO.


Heat One (8 Laps) – 1. Chris Sheil, 2. Chris DeShon, 3. Scott Fennell, 4. Jay Sant, 5. Mike

Boesel, 6. Tony Rossi (DNF).

Second Heat (8 Laps) – 1. Keith Rauch, 2. Bob Harr, 3. Dustin Weland, 4. Todd Plemons,

5. Clint Schubert, 6. Ryan Orter.

A Feature (20 Laps) – 1. Rauch, 2. Sheil, 3. DeShon, 4. Harr, 5. Rossi, 6. Sant, 7. Boesel,

8. Weland, 9. Orter, 10. Plemons, 11. Fennel, 12. Schubert.