Super Shox Win at Tulsa

Swindell, Boat, Darland and others use Super Shox for the 2013 Chili Bowl. Congratulations to Kevin and Sammy Swindell on another Chili Bowl 1-2 finish with Kevin scoring his fourth consecutive win in a event that 3 years ago was thought to be nearly impossible to win back to back!

The week started with Kevin winning the Vacuworx International Race of Champions and Sammy finishing third and Chad Boat fifth. The Wednesday feature went to Sammy who lead flag to flag after racing from 5th to 2nd in his heat and winning the qualifier from 6th. The Thursday feature went to Kevin leading every lap and made it a clean sweep by winning his heat from 5th and qualifier from 6th. The Friday feature was all Chad Boat leading every lap after running from 9th to 3rd in his heat and 6th to 1st in the qualifier. Dave Darland finished third in the Friday main after a run from 5th to 2nd in his heat and 4th to 2nd in his qualifier.

Kevin capped off a perfect week winning every time he was on the track while Sammy finished second and Dave Darland came from 11th to 5th to make it 3 of the top 5 with Super Shox. By the end of Saturdays feature a car with Super Shox lead 124 of the 155 A-Feature laps run during the week long event.

In all there were 25 teams who used Super Shox during the Chili Bowl with heat race and qualifier wins going to PJ Jones, Shon Deskins, Sammy Swindell, Brett Anderson, Kevin Swindell, Tim Siner, Chris Coker and Chad Boat. Troy Rutherford and Tim Barber each won B-Features on their qualifying nights as well.

Super Shox have given these drivers an advantage with more grip and forward drive that has allowed them to get a balanced set up on the car. The car is stable, consistent and predictable with Super Shox which builds driver confidence and allows the crew to fine tune the set up. The Super Shox adjusters are smooth and offer the right amount of change to keep up with the changing track conditions which allows the cars to stay fast for all 55 laps!

By bolting on a set of Super Shox your car too will gain speed and the driver will be more comfortable then the crew can go to work on the set up to get it dialed in to reap the full benefit of the Super Shox advantage!

No hype No bull just solid results to back up what we advertise! If you race a Midget, Micro, Mini Sprint or Sprint Car Super Shox has a package for you. If your on a tight budget our Shock Lease Program could be your way to have Super Shox at a fraction of the cost of a new set.

If your looking to improve your race team look to Super Shox and you will find a great product with fantastic customer service and support to keep you on track. To learn more about Super Shox call 847-548-SHOX (7469) or email you can also find out more at or on Facebook and Twitter.