Polyak Runs Fremont Opener

Trying to get her season a rolling since moving up to rookie status in the 410 ranks, Paige Polyak returned to Fremont Speedway last Saturday for the FAST season opener. Winning two 305 A Mains at Fremont last season, Paige was looking to carry some of that momentum into her new adventure in the 410 ranks. Not having the best of luck to start the season, Paige was hoping to turn things around. With just making a lap and a half during hot laps, Paige slowed as loose fuel lines showered her and the cock pit full of methanol. As the crew rushed to tighten the fuel lines before her qualifying spot, the job was complete and Paige was pushed off to qualify.

As Paige took the green flag, a zeus button that holds the dash to the hood was missing causing the dash to move, pinching Paige’s hand entering turn 1. As she made it off 2 without incident, her hand slipped behind the dash as she set-up to enter turn 3 , sticking there while she tried to race through the turns and control the car with a stuck hand. Freeing her hand in time to not slam the turn 4 wall, Paige’s lap was shot as she was way off the throttle trying to save the car. With gremlins galore, Paige rolled off last in the 1st heat. After racing up to 5th and holding off quick qualifier, Caleb Helms, and Danny Holtgraver most of the race, Holtgraver slipped past on the final lap, dropping Paige to 6th.

Starting 19th in the 30 lap A Main, Paige would quickly race into 15th on lap 2. Just as it looked like things were finally falling in place, Paige’s throttle stuck as she battled for 14th, jumping the cushion hard, falling back to 18th. After battling a sticking throttle off and on, Paige would take home a 13th place finish. On a night that it would have been easy to give up on or give in for the night, Paige showed excellent adversity and set all the issues a side, completing her 1st A Main of the season. Look for the Polyak Motorsports team to hit the FAST races this upcoming weekend. For more information on marketing partnerships with Paige contact 419-553-6746.