Chriswell Wins Sportsman Feature at Hagerstown

From Hagerstown Speedway

Hagerstown, MD – (May 24, 2013) – Both Kenny Pettyjohn and Chad Criswell became first time winners at Hagerstown Speedway on Friday night. Pettyjohn, of Millsboro, DE led all 35 laps of the Three State Flyers Super Late Model and Buchanan Auto Stores Late Model Championship Series while Criswell, of Martinsburg, WV, led all but the opening lap of the 20-lap feature for the Super Sportsman series in their first appearance since September 2010.

“I can’t believe this,” Pettyjohn said after exiting his car on the chilly and blustery evening. ” I’ve been trying to win here for so many years and been so close so many times. Tonight we really didn’t have a very good car, it didn’t feel like, but it all worked out.”

In time trials for the 32 entries, Nininger’s Tire and Auto point leader Jason Covert rounded the track in 20.397 seconds as Jeremy Miller, Dan Stone Trevor Feathers, and J.T. Spence were the heat winners while D.J. Myers took the consolation. Youngsters from the stands drew starting positions for the top two from each heat with Miller and Pettyjohn on the front row for the event.

Pettyjohn quickly lunged into the lead with fourth starting Stone getting tucked into second ahead of Miller and Spence.

Pettyjohn and Stone edged ahead of Miller as Stone was in Pettyjohn’s tire tracks as they approached rear traffic on the ninth lap just as the caution waved for Vic Coffey who coasted to a stop.

Pettyjohn had a clear track ahead of him for the restart as he pulled ahead but Stone was on his bumper again until the caution waved when defending track champion Nick Dickson slowed to a stop on the 16th lap.

Stone held tight to Pettyjohn another time as they again pulled ahead of Miller and Spence while Feathers, Covert and Mark Pettyjohn were battling for position.

With fewer than ten laps remaining, Miller began closing on the front pair and with five to go, Spence was also closing while K. Pettyjohn and Stone got to the rear of the field again.

Miller threw two challenges at Stone in the final three laps but Stone battled back to hold the position as he trailed Pettyjohn across the finish by .388 seconds.

“My guys were telling me someone was on me but I never saw him (Stone),” Pettyjohn said. “I’m just glad we made it to the end, glad to get this one in, believe me. All these guys worked their butts off, we needed this.”

Miller, Spence and Feathers completed the top five. Covert ended sixth with M.Pettyjohn and Jim Bernheisel next. D.J.Myers came from 21st to earn the Round Hill Auto Hard Charger award while Gerry Bard finished tenth after starting 17th.

Steve Wilbur took the super sportsman lead from the outside pole but fourth starter, Criswell powered by off the fourth turn of the second lap and began singing “Catch me if you can.”

By the fifth lap, Criswell was all but three seconds ahead and opening track space on Wilbur each time around.

Criswell was 3.88 seconds ahead and into the rear of the field on lap 12 when the caution waved and he quickly took off when the field returned to green.

With five to go, he had stretched his lead to 3.4 seconds over Wilbur and pole sitter Duane Smith and Dave Socks with Socks taking third with three to go. That was all erased when several cars got together in turn four with one lap remaining.

Wilbur had a final shot but he could only see Criswell speed away in the final circuit to take the win by 1.25 seconds ahead of him as Socks, Gregg Foster and Smith were next.

“It really is a pleasure to win here at Hagerstown Speedway, this is my home track,” Criswell said. “I work here in Hagerstown and live right across the river in Martinsburg so we love coming here and racing and love to be back.”

“I have to thank my parents and grandparents and everybody for sticking by me for so long. I have to thank everyone on the crew. I did the easy part out there. They really put the car together and made it work.”

Paul Miller was sixth while Russ Mitten, Carmen Perigo Jr., Frankie Herr and Mike Enders completed the top ten. Enders, Scott Geesey, Perigo and Socks were the heat winners with Tom Wyckoff taking the consy win.

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Hagerstown Speedway Results:

Three State Flyers Super Late Model Series/ Buchanan Auto Stores Late Model Championship Series – 35 Laps,    32 Entries, (Lap Leaders: Kenny Pettyjohn 1-35): 1.Kenny Pettyjohn, 2.Dan Stone, 3.Jeremy Miller, 4.J.T. Spence, 5.Trever Feathers, 6.Jason Covert, 7.Mark Pettyjohn, 8.Jim Bernheisel, 9.D.J. Myers (Round Hill (VA) Auto Hard Charger award), 10.Jerry Bard, 11.Jim Yoder, 12.Tyler Hershey, 13.Marvin Winters, 14.Gary Stuhler, 15.Roy Deese Jr., 16.Jeff Rine, 17.David Williams, 18.Scott LeBarron, 19.Devin Friese, 20.Austin Hubbard, 21.Rusty Sites, 22.Dylan Yoder, 23.Nick Dickson, 24.Vic Coffey DNQ – Keith Jackson, Mike Lupfer, Brian Tavenner, Jason Miller, Matt Sponaugle, Frankie Plessinger, Chuck Clise, DNS – Jamie Lathroum

Super Sportsman — 20 Laps, 33 Entries, (Lap Leaders Steve Wilbur 1, Chad Criswell 2-20); 1.Chad Criswell, 2.Steve Wilbur, 3.Dave Socks, 4.Gregg Foster, 5.Duane Smith, 6.Paul Miller, 7.Russ Mitten, 8.Carmen Perigo Jr., 9.Frankie Herr, 10.Mike Enders, 11.Jay Fannasy, 12.Chris Meleason, 13.Scott Dellinger (Hard Charger), 14.Scott Geesey, 15.Steve Fannasy, 16.Gary Johnson, 17.TomWyckoff, 18.Sten Wanner, 19.Jaremi Hanson, 20.Rich Eichelberger, 21.Bobby Hockenberry, 22.Eric Eckert, 23.Mallie Shuster, 24.Kenny Edkin, DNQ-Jared Miller, Todd Leonard, Doug Dodson, Brent Rumberger, Lanny Hake, Brian Gonte DNS – Adam Wray, Rick Barr, Chad Trout