Caho Wins at St. Croix

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St. Croix Falls, MN — (June 7, 2013) –As they so often do, the UMSS Traditional sprint cars capped the evening with one of their trademarked thrillers at St. Croix Valley Raceway.  Tommy Kamrath and the ageless Jack Clark paced a stout fourteen car field to green and Kamrath claimed the early lead.  Fifth starting Johnny Parsons quickly darted up to second, part of a gaggle of two and three wide racers that included Rob Caho, Clark, Kevin Bradwell, Cam Schafer and Brian VanMeveren.  Up front, Kamrath settled into groove and looked poised to claim the night’s final checkers but on lap ten, Caho finally found his comfort zone, high off the cushion, clean and clear of competitors, allowing him to focus on Kamrath.  As the laps wound down, Caho sized up his challenge of passing Kamrath while Clark was busy racing VanMeveren, Katrina Sautbine and Mike Mueller.  As the white flag waved, Caho mustered all the giddy-up his #78 mount would provide and skated on the cushion’s edge to near perfection at full throttle.  Keeping his substantial momentum through the final set of turns, Caho edged in front of Kamrath in the final few hundred feet of the race and drag raced him to the checkers, claiming the dramatic win.  Rounding out the top five behind Caho and Kamrath were Mueller, Schafer and Parsons.

UMSS Traditional Sprints, feature – Rob Caho, Jr., Tommy Kamrath, Mike Mueller, Cam Schafer, Johnny Parsons, Brian VanMeveren, Miek Huesmann, Denny Stordahl, Jack Clark, Tom Porter, Kevin Bradwell, Brad Nelson, Jimmy Kouba, Katrina Sautbine.