Bradwell Wins UMSS feature at St. Croix

UMSS Upper Midwest Sprint Series Logo

St. Croix Falls, MN — (June 28, 2013) — Kevin Bradwell won the UMSS Traditional Sprint Car Series feature during the Open Wheel Nationals Friday at St. Croix Valley Speedway. The UMSS winged 360 sprint car feature was rained out and will be made up on Saturday night.

UMSS Traditional Sprint Car Series Feature:
1. Kevin Bradwell
2. Cam Schafer
3. Katrina Sautbine
4. Jeff Pellersels
5. Lucas Milz
6. Jack Clark
7. Jake Hendrickson
8. Rob Caho Jr
9. Brian VanMeveren
10. Mike Mueller
11. Tom Porter
12. Jake Kouba
13. Johnny Parsons III
14. Ryan Olson
15. Denny Stordahl
16. Tommy Kamrath