Castor Wins at Colorado National

Rich Castor, Jr. - Image courtesy of ERA

Erie, CO — (June 29, 2013)  — Just 7 Supermodifieds hit the track for their feature event but as usual the extreme speed and the roar of their raw horsepower was a fun sight for the fans. An early caution flag was displayed when the leader #15 Josh Lewis slowed in a cloud of smoke and #51 Joe Priselac spun into the turn 4 infield. On the restart teammates #2 Richy Castor Jr. and #3 Harold Evans powered past the field and took a commanding lead. Evans couldn’t catch Castor who began to build his lead while passing slower cars. Castor took the win followed by Evans, #14 Joe Gallegos, #1 Jason Castor, and #51 Joe Priselac.