Shultz Wins at Selinsgrove

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Selinsgrove, PA — (August 24, 2013) — Jason Shultz of Carlisle drove from his 11th starting position to win his fourth race of the season in Saturday night’s non-stop 25-lap 358 sprint car feature at Selinsgrove Speedway.

Shultz, who is a close second in the season point standings to Pat Cannon of Etters in the chase for the track championship, was driving the Mach 1 Chassis No. 2 for his 15th career win at the track. The race, short of a new track record, was timed in eight minutes and 12 seconds.

Dylan Yoder of Selinsgrove scored a flag-to-flag victory in the 30-lap late model tune-up race for the upcoming World of Outlaws showdown. Yoder collected $2,000 for his third win of the year. Matt Cochran of Williamsport was the night’s fast qualifier with lap time of 19.027.

Brad Mitch has become the man to beat in the pro stocks in recent weeks as the McClure driver recorded his seventh win of the season in the division’s 15-lap feature.

Bob Bussey of Northumberland returned to Victory Lane for his fifth win of the year in the 12-lap roadrunner race.

Selinsgrove Speedway will present the World of Outlaws Late Model Series 15th annual National Open Saturday, Aug. 31, and Sunday, Sept. 1, over the Labor Day holiday weekend. Saturday night’s preliminary will feature the late models in a 40-lap main event paying $8,000 to win plus pro stocks. The series returns Sunday night for the 50-lap Jeff’s Auto Body & Recycling Center National Open finale paying $10,000 to win plus limited late models (steel block bandit rules). Track gates will open at 4 p.m. and qualifying will start at 7 p.m. both nights.

Polesitter Mike Walter stormed into the lead at the start of the sprint car feature and was chased by second-place starter Scott Wilson. By lap six, fourth-place starter Matt Horst was challenging Wilson for the runner-up position and made a pass for the position a lap later. Meanwhile, 11th-place starter Jason Shultz was working his way into the top five.

On the 14th circuit, Shultz passed Horst for the second position and set his sights on M. Walter at the front of the pack. Late in the race, Shultz began to reel in M. Walter in traffic as the race continued without a caution flag. On the 20th lap, Shultz made the winning pass by M. Walter using the inside lane racing off turn four.

With two laps to go, 12th-place starter Pat Cannon rocketed into second and started to gain real estate on Shultz. At the finish, Shultz was victorious by 2.6 seconds over Cannon, 10th-place starter TJ Stutts, M. Walter, and Horst.

Outside front row starter Dylan Yoder powered into the lead at the start of the late model feature. D. Yoder led over fourth-place starter Matt Cochran and third-place starter Jim Bernheisel in the early laps of the race. The race’s first caution flag unfurled on lap eight when Jim Yoder stopped on the backstretch.

When the race resumed, D. Yoder stretched his lead while J. Bernheisel took over the second position. A lap later the caution flag came out when Cochran’s car fell off the pace on the frontstretch. On the ensuing restart, D. Yoder was in command of the field while J. Bernheisel and ninth-place starter Bryan Bernheisel dueled for the runner-up position. By lap 11, eighth-place starter Jeff Rine advanced to fourth, only to withdraw from the race with engine woes on lap 25.

At the finish, D. Yoder took the checkered flag by 3.9 seconds over J. Bernheisel, B. Bernheisel, seventh-place starter Coleby Frye, and fifth-place starter Chad Hollenbeck.

Third-place starter Jake Buck led the first lap of the pro stock feature. Racing out of turn four on the second circuit, eighth-place starter Brad Mitch drove underneath Buck for the lead. Once in front of the pack, Mitch opened up a solid lead over ninth-place starter Shaun Miller 10th-place starter Kyle Bachman.

For several laps, a torrid battle unfolded for the runner-up position between S. Miller, Bachman, seventh-place starter Nathan Long, and 12th-place starter Troy Miller. On a lap eight restart, S. Miller raced into the first turn, made contact with the guardrail, and barrel rolled several times in his pro stock. S. Miller escaped injury.

When the race resumed, Mitch set the pace with Bachman and T. Miller in pursuit. At the finish, Mitch was victorious by two seconds over Bachman, T. Miller, Jim Gearhart, and Pete Lauver.

On the start of the roadrunner feature, fourth-place starter Bob Bussey drove underneath second-place starter Ricky Bender exiting the second turn to take the early lead. Bussey kept his No. 76 out in front of the field for all 12 laps and scored the victory by 3.7 seconds over Bender, John Fowler Jr., point leader Brian Johnson, and Brandon Shultz.

358 Sprint Cars – 21 Entries
25-Lap A-Main:  1) 2 Jason Shultz  2) 3 Pat Cannon  3) 23 TJ Stutts  4) 100 Mike Walter  5) 29 Matt Horst  6) 5 Phil Walter  7) 19 Colby Womer  8) 38 Scott Wilson  9) 66 Ryan Kissinger  10) 21 Duane Mausteller  11) 76 Larry Kelleher  12) 77 Derek Locke  13) 99K Cody Keller  14) 52 Austin Hogue  15) 15B Mark Bittner  16) 35 Shannon Fisher  17) 15 Johnny Smith  18) 71C Charlie Anderson  19) 67 Jason Cherry DNF  20) 13 Ryan Higgins DNF  21) 33 John Troxell DNF
Heat Winners: Pat Cannon, Colby Womer, Mike Walter
Late Models – 33 Entries
30-Lap A-Main:  1)  24 Dylan Yoder ($2,000)  2) 119 Jim Bernheisel  3) 119B Bryan Bernheisel  4) 32 Coleby Frye  5) 4D Chad Hollenbeck  6) 3W Tim Wilson  7) 88 Tony Adams  8) 06 Mike Lupfer  9) 55 Chris Shuey  10) 21 Scott Haus  11) 5 Derek Byler  12) 61 Ken Trevitz  13) 215 Al Shawver Jr.  14) 90 Kyle Rhoads  15) 72 Ron Coleman  16) 92 Nate Romig  17) 2J Jeff Rine DNF  18) 5E Glenn Elliott  19) 6 Donnie Schick  DNF  20) 26 Jerry Bard DNF  21) 93 Pancho Lawler DNF  22) 15 Scott Flickinger DNF  23) 32B Lindsay Barton DNF  24) 16 Matt Cochran DNF  25) 27 Jim Yoder DNF
Heat Winners: Jim Yoder, Jeff Rine, Jim Bernheisel, Tim Wilson
B-Main Winner: Chris Shuey
Time Trials:  1) 16 Matt Cochran 19.027  2) 2J Jeff Rine 19.316  3) 32 Coleby Frye 19.329  4) 27 Jim Yoder 19.492  5) 5 Derek Byler 19.666  6) 119B Bryan Bernheisel 19.677  7) 24 Dylan Yoder 19.680  8) 92 Nate Romig 19.769  9) 119 Jim Bernheisel  10) 15 Scott Flickinger 19.809  11) 3W Tim Wilson 19.877  12) 215 Al Shawver Jr. 19.987  13) 26 Jerry Bard 20.009  14) 88 Tony Adams 20.033  15) 5E Glenn Elliott 20.142  16) 21 Scott Haus 20.203  17) 93 Pancho Lawler 20.259  18) 6 Donnie Schick 20.288 19) 61 Ken Trevitz 20.290  20) 4D Chad Hollenbeck 20.290  21) 55 Chris Shuey 20.316  22) 32 Lindsay Barton 20.334  23) 7M Meade Hahn 20.354  24) 9 Hayes Mattern 20.384  25) 19F Tim Fedders 20.405  26) 99Z Dave Zona 20.410  27) 06 Mike Lupfer 20.575  28) 45 Eric Hons 20.701  29) 72 Ron Coleman 20.849 30) 11 Jason Schmidt 21.099  31) 90 Kyle Rhaods 21.495  32) 28 Jason Smith 21.789  33) 10 Dave Stamm 23.221
Pro Stocks – 18 Entries
15-Lap A-Main:  1) 10M Brad Mitch  2) 99 Kyle Bachman  3) 115 Troy Miller  4) G3 Jim Gerhart  5) 85L Pete Luver  6) 63 Nathan Long  7) 85 Terry Lauver  8) 8M Brandon Moser  9) 19 Tommy Slanker  10) 32 Tom Hartman  11) 4 Jim Payne  12) 28J Jeff Ceballo  13) 06 Frank Reisser  14) 15S Shawn Stahl  15) 71 Kurt Wray DNF  16) 115S Shaun Miller DNF 17) 11 Jake Buck DNF  18) 1 Rick Bixler DNF
Heat Winners: Brad Mitch, Shaun Miller
Roadrunners -10 Entries
12-Lap A-Main:  1) 76 Bob Bussey  2) 29B Ricky Bender  3) 02 John Fowler  4) 201 Brian Johnson  5) 31B Brandon Shultz  6) 7 Butch Shaffer  7) 89 John Schoch  8) 99 Chris Hoffman  9) 22 Ricky Buss DNF  10) 8K Jeremy Kline DNF