Walinder, Trimble win URSS races at Holyoke

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Hoyoke, CO — (August 24, 2013) — It didn’t take Mark Walinder long to get to the front. But the veteran sprint car driver didn’t have the win just given to him.


Walinder won Saturday night’s regularly schedule feature at Phillips County Raceway in Holyoke, Colo., to earn his second United Rebel Sprint Series career victory.


“I thought it would be a ways away,” Walinder said about his second victory.


Walinder won earlier this season at Thomas County Speedway in Colby, Kan., to crack victory lane in the URSS for the first time. That night, the veteran dominated the show on a dry-slick track.


Saturday night was more of the same. Walinder started third and was in the lead on the second lap.


“I guess we like those types of tracks,” Walinder said.


Jake Bubak pressured Walinder, eventually getting around him into the lead when Walinder slowed for dust on the track, thinking a car had spun in front of him.


But it didn’t take long for Walinder to regain the lead in lap traffic.


“We just tried to keep the car straight and tried not to make any mess-ups,” he said. “We tightened the car up as best as we could guess. The car drove as easy as could be.”


Walinder credited his crew for the second victory. “I just hope we can keep growing this trend,” he said.


Adam Trimble finished second, with Bubak in third. Luke Cranston was fourth, and Zac Taylor rounded out the top five.


Earlier in the night, Trimble won the June 22 make-up feature after starting deep in the field.


Bubak was second, followed by Blake Smith. Zac Taylor was fourth, and Zach Merritt was fifth.


Trimble won the Keizer Aluminum Wheels Hard-Charger Award in both features, going from 11th to first in the makeup feature, then going from 10th to second in the regularly scheduled show.


Aug. 24 feature results

1. Mark Walinder, 2. Adam Trimble, 3. Jake Bubak, 4. Luke Cranston, 5. Zac Taylor, 6. Zach Merritt, 7. John Jacobs, 8. Blake Smith, 9. Brian Herbert, 10. Brian Hardman, 11. Brad Mott, 12. Jeremy Huish, 13. John Webster (DNF), 14. Coby Pearce (DNF), 15. Darren Berry (DNF), 16. Luke Lucero (DNF), 17. Butch Hardman (DNF), 18. Joe Bellm (DNS).


June 22 makeup feature results

1. Adam Trimble, 2. Jake Bubak, 3. Blake Smith, 4. Zac Taylor, 5. Zach Merritt, 6. Mark Walinder, 7. Luke Cranston, 8. Brian Herbert, 9. John Webster, 10. John Jacobs, 11. Darren Berry, 12. Jeremy Huish, 13. Joe Bellm (DNF), 14. Brian Hardman, (DNF), 15. Brad Mott (DNF), 16. Luke Lucero (DNF), 17. Butch Hardman (DNF), 18. Coby Pearce (DNF).