Ott, Nouse & Smith Williams Grove Sprint Winners September 13

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Mechanicsburg, PA — (September 13, 2013) — Aaron Ott of East Berlin wired the field for the 25-lap 410 sprint car win at Williams Grove Speedway on Friday night, taking home $3,600 plus another $250 in lap money for the victory.

In the 358 sprint class, a pair of winners emerged with Kevin Nouse winning the held over main from a rain out on September 1 while Mark Smith took the regularly scheduled feature event.

Ott started on the pole of the 410 sprint main and took the lead over Steve Buckwalter when action got started.

The pace was halted just twice, first with five laps completed and again with eight laps recorded and both times Ott was able to outdistance the field.

During the last half of the race Greg Hodnett, Lance Dewease and Danny Dietrich made advances toward the front with only Dewease unable to hold his positions.

Hodnett started eighth in the field and took third from Chad Layton with three laps to go.

Dietrich began the race in 10th and raced into fourth with two laps to go.

Dewease was as high as fourth at the halfway point, making bids for third before falling backward later to end up sixth.

?Starting first is one of the hardest spots to win from,? Ott said.

?It?s been forever since we?ve been half decent. I?m super ecstatic.?

Buckwalter ran second the entire distance to finsh with the spot followed by Hodnett, Dietrich and Layton.

Sixth through 10th went to Dewease, Brent Marks, Fred Rahmer, Brian Montieth and Don Kreitz Jr.

Heats for the 25-car field went to Gerard McIntyre Jr., Jimmy Seger and Hodnett.

The held over 358 main restarted with four laps complete and Adrian Shaffer in the lead.

Shaffer was on his way to his second division win of the year when with just four laps to go his mount lost power suddenly, handing over the lead to Kevin Nouse.

Nouse then rode his fortune to the victory for his third of the season at the track.

Austin Hogue rode home second followed by Chandler Leiby, Dale Hammaker and Derek Locke.

Mark Smith started ninth in the regularly slated 358 sprint main and joined the fray at the front between Brian Garland, Tyler Ross and Nathan Berwager at the halfway point.

Garland led the first 10 laps before Ross took over from the sixth starting spot.

But Smith took second from Garland with six to to and then he passed Ross as the field worked lap 15.

However a caution forced him back to second for a restart but Smith just repeated the feat when green replaced the yellow to run to his third overall win of the year at Williams Grove including a pair of wins in 360 competition.

Ross settled for second followed by Austin Hogue, Garland and Berwager.

Heats for the 33-car field went to Berwager, Nouse, Hogue and Smith with Rich Eichelberger taking the consolation.

September 13, 2013 Feature Finishes:

410 sprint cars, 25 laps: 1. Aaron Ott, 2. Steve Buckwalter, 3. Greg Hodnett, 4. Danny Dietrich, 5. Chad Layton, 6. Lance Dewease, 7. Brent Marks, 8. Fred Rahmer, 9. Brian Montieth, 10. Don Kreitz Jr., 11. Ryan Taylor, 12. Gerard McIntyre Jr., 13. Adam Wilt, 14. Cory Haas, 15. Robbie Kendall, 16. Ryan Smith, 17. Ryan Bohlke, 18. Jimmy Seger, 19. Dave Sammons, 20. Tim Glatfelter, 21. Kyle Moody, 22. Rick Lafferty, 23. Glenndon Forsythe, 24. Ryan Wilson

DNQ: Jay Reichard

358 sprints, 20 laps (Sept. 1 make-up): 1. Kevin Nouse, 2. Austin Hogue, 3. Chandler Leiby, 4. Dale Hammaker, 5. Derek Locke, 6. Jay Galloway, 7. Tim Wagaman, 8. Rich Eichelberger, 9. Chase Dietz, 10. Drew Heistand, 11. DJ Montgomery, 12. Ted Thomas, 13. Brie Hershey, 14. Danny Massey, 15. Nate Berwager, 16. Brian Garland, 17. Scott Fisher, 18. Jordan Givler, 19. Denny Gross, 20. Alan Spriggle, 21. Adrian Shaffer, 22. Dan Richcreek, 23. Aaron Eichelberger, 24. Jeff Rohrbaugh

358 sprints, 20 laps: 1. Mark Smith, 2. Tyler Ross, 3. Austin Hogue, 4. Brian Garland, 5. Nathan Berwager, 6. Ted Thomas Jr., 7. Kevin Nouse, 8. Derek Locke, 9. Tim Wagaman, 10. Dale Hammaker, 11. Chase Dietz, 12. Jay Galloway, 13. Rich Eichelberger, 14. Chris Arnold, 15. Brock Zearfoss, 16. Adrian Shaffer, 17. Brie Hershey, 18. Chandler Leiby, 19. Alan Spriggle, 20. Denny Gross, 21. Drew Heistand, 22. DJ Montgomery, 23. Mike Walter, 24. Danny Massey

DNQ: Matt Mountz, Jordan Givler, Dan Richcreek, Leah Starner, Scott Fisher, Austin Reed, Matt Sauers, Mike Markey, Aaron Eichelberger