Montomery Wins Feature at Farmington

St. Francois County Raceway sfcr
St. Francois County Raceway sfcr

Farmington, MO — (June 14, 2014) — Joey Mongtomery won the sprint car feature Saturday night at St. Francois County Raceway. A.J. Burns, Kory Bales, Jimmy Hurley, and Tommy Worley, Jr. rounded out the top five.

12x Joey Montgomery
44 A.J. Burns
5 Kory Bales
35x Jimmy Hurley
97 Tommy Worley Jr.
87 Kent Buckley
67 Joey Boyd
88 Jeff Wurst
24 Keith Burch
7c Joe B. Miller
28 Jason Keith
31 Jason Webb
16g Scottie Gretzmacher
3b Brad Greer
23d Trey Datweiler
4 Dustin Adams
22 Dustin Barks DNF
2k Ryan Kempin DN
32 Timy Montgomery DNf
35 Tyler Settlemoir DNF
72 Kevin Petty DNF