Burks Wins WAR Feature at Midway

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From Chad Buford

Lebanon, MO — (July 26, 2014) — Making his second ever start with the WAR Series presented by Impact Signs, Awnings, and Wraps, Wyatt Burks picked up his first career win on Saturday night at Lebanon Midway Speedway.

Burks and Chris Parkinson led the field to the green flag with Burks getting out front early to lead lap one. Adam Jones worked his way past Parkinson to move into second on lap two and a lap later Jones was putting heavy pressure on Burks for the top spot. The lead duo would continue this way for the next couple of laps with Jones moving past Burks in turn three on the fifth lap.

Over the next few laps, the lead duo would swap the top spot in each corner with Jones leading narrowly at the flagstand. Behind them, Parkinson, Mitchell Moore, and Devon Huff had a good battle for the third position.

Burks was able to move by Jones to lead lap nine, but a lap later, Jones worked his way back by Burks for the top spot. Jones led the next two laps with Parkinson and Moore moving within a few car lengths of the leaders before a yellow flag for a Tim Kent and Josh Stephens spin in turn one stopped the action.
Jones would again lead when the green came back out with Burks not far behind. He would hold a narrow advantage over the next few laps.
On lap sixteen, Burks was able to make a pass of Jones in turn one and two to take the lead back. Lap by lap, Burks increased his advantage as Parkinson started pressuring Jones for the second spot.

On lap twenty three, Parkinson moved past Jones with Chad Goff also moving by from his tenth starting position into third. Burks drove flawlessly over the last couple of laps to take his first career win in the family-owned Maxim with Trondson power and sponsorship help from Industrial Maintenance Inc. and Kansas Powertrain. “I would like to thank my mom and dad and my uncle Donnie Clausen for this win”, said a happy Burks afterwards.

Point leader Goff gained an important two points on Parkinson in the season point race as he moved by on the last lap in his B&D Racing/Country Kids Daycare DRC with Kercher-Mopar power. Parkinson continued his season-long string of top four finishes with a third in his 54th Street Grill and Bar/Ozark Barge and Dock Service DRC with Parkinson power. Jones, who also set quick time, was fourth in the Dennis Jones-owned Harry J’s Steakhouse JEI with Mittler Brothers Machine power under the hood. Huff was a solid fifth in the Lawrence Photo Twister with Chevy power. Moore was sixth in his Kelly Potter owned XXX with Kent coming back from the tail to seventh after his spin. Bob Thoman, Kevin Risley, and John Helm rounded out the top ten for the nineteen car field. Heat race winners were Thoman, Parkinson, and Kent.
The WAR Series will now take a few weeks off with the next race scheduled at Springfield Raceway in Springfield, MO on Saturday August 23rd. This will be followed by a recently added show at the Central Missouri Speedway in Warrensburg, MO on Sunday August 31st.

For four wheeler enthusiasts, WAR will also hold its final WAR Extreme 4 Wheeler races at the Moniteau County Fairgrounds in California, MO on Wednesday August 6th.
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Time Trials-
1. Adam Jones, Wright City, MO-13.790, 2. 11W-Wyatt Burks, Topeka, KS-14.275, 3. 51-Mitchell Moore, Edgerton KS-14.325, 4. 14-Taylor Walton, Warrensburg, MO-14.356, 5. 70-Pete Palazzolo, Pacific, MO-14.500, 6. 4U-Devon Huff, Nixa, MO-14.504, 7. 9-Chad Goff, Spring Hill, KS-14.543, 8. 65-Chris Parkinson, Gladstone, MO-14.583, 9. 8-Jeff Wingate, Centertown, MO-14.586, 10. 27-Bob Thoman, Higginsville, MO-14.611, 11. 09-Josh Stephens, Buckner, MO-14.630, 12. 94T-Tim Kent, Bristow, OK-14.817, 13. 24-Kevin Risley, Collinsville, OK-15.118, 14. 12-John Helm, Kearney, MO-15.155, 15. 00-Travis Arnold, Pilot Grove, MO-15.253, 16. 99-Tony Rost, Utica, NE-15.329, 17. 11-Warren Johnson, Overland Park, KS-15.503, 18. 29C-Cody Crabtree, Marshfield, MO-16.186, 19. 8X-Scott Comstock, Tipton, MO-16.317

1st Heat-8 laps
1. 27-Bob Thoman (4) 2. 14-Taylor Walton (6) 3. 1A-Adam Jones (7) 4. 9-Chad Goff (5) 5. 99-Tony Rost (2) 6. 24-Kevin Risley (3) 7. 8X-Scott Comstock (1)

2nd Heat-8 laps
1. 65-Chris Parkinson (4) 2. 09-Josh Stephens (3) 3. 11W-Wyatt Burks (6) 4. 70-Pete Palazzolo (5) 5. 11-Warren Johnson (1) 12-John Helm (2)

3rd Heat-8 laps
1. 94T-Tim Kent (3) 2. 4U-Devon Huff (5) 3. 51-Mitchell Moore (6) 4. 8-Jeff Wingate (4) 5. 00-Travis Arnold (2) 6. 29C-Cody Crabtree (1)

A Main-25 laps
1. 11W-Wyatt Burks (1) 2. 9-Chad Goff (10) 3. 65-Chris Parkinson (2) 4. 1A-Adam Jones (3)
5. 4U-Devon Huff (4) 6. 51-Mitchell Moore (6) 7. 94T-Tim Kent (9) 8. 27-Bob Thoman (7) 9. 24-Kevin Risley (13) 10. 12-John Helm (15) 11. 09-Josh Stephens (11) 12. 8X-Scott Comstock (19) 13. 00-Travis Arnold (14) 14. 11-Warren Johnson (17) 15. 29C-Cody Crabtree (18) 16. 14-Taylor Walton (5) 17. 8-Jeff Wingate (12) 18. 99-Tony Rost (16) 19. 70-Pete Palazzolo (8)